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Set the Safety Levels of Your Flickr Content or Account
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Safety levels let other members know that your content might contain nudity, sexuality, or graphic imagery that some have chosen not to see. 
Moderate your content according to the Flickr Community Guidelines to help users filter out images they might want to avoid.
Understanding Safety Levels
The following is a general guide to Safety Levels:
Note: Effective May 1, 2022, Free accounts will be limited to posting Safe content only. Members interested in uploading Moderate or Restricted content will need to upgrade to Pro.
Accounts are categorized using the same safety levels. The account safety level can only be changed by Flickr staff.  
If you have received a warning that content on your account was improperly moderated, please use the steps below as a guide to restore your account to its previous status.
Update safety levels for photos and videos
  1. Hover over You | select Organize.
  2. Drag & drop the images you'd like to update the safety filter for.
  3. Click Permissions | select Set safety filter.
  4. Select a safety level | click Change Safety Filters.
Restore your account safety levels to "Safe"
If your account has been reviewed as "moderate" or "restricted," you can correct the misflagged images and request its safety level to be restored to the "Safe" level.
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