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The Flickr Moderation Bot has changed the safety level of my photo
4 months ago Updated
All content on Flickr, whether public or private, has to be appropriately moderated using our safety filters. 
Ensuring your content is set to the appropriate safety level lets other members know that your content might contain nudity, sexuality, or graphic imagery that some have chosen not to see.
The use of auto-moderation technology helps in the efforts to ensure all content is moderated properly. 
The Moderation Bot detects content from uploads and automatically updates mis-moderated content to the correct moderation level according to our established safety levels
When this occurs, you will receive a private notification under the bell icon that lets you know about the mismatch and directs you to the photo in question.
What if the bot is wrong?
Mistakes happen & we realize the bot can sometimes miss the mark and over-restrict content that is actually "Moderate", or even "Safe."
If your photo is incorrectly flagged by the Moderation bot, you may manually override it by changing your content back to the appropriate safety level. Please keep in mind the guidelineswhen doing so.
We will continue to monitor bot performance & make adjustments as necessary.

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