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Anthology Series
Comprehensive Foreign Affairs coverage of the issues that are shaping our world.
America’s Longest War
Two Decades in Afghanistan
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Anchoring the World
Essays from the Lloyd George Study Group on World Order
Trump’s World
The Foreign Policy Legacy of the “America First” President
The Next Pandemic
Why the World Was Not Prepared for COVID-19
The Collapse of Venezuela
The Failed Policies That Drove the Country to Disaster
Tiananmen at 30
How 1989 Shapes China Today
Brexit and Beyond
From the tussle over the Common Market to the referendum’s stunning outcome.
The World at War
Foreign Affairs Covers WWII
Climate Wars
Policy, Politics, and the Environment
Essays for the Presidency
A Century's Worth of Candidates and Their Advisers Make Their Cases
Which World Are We Living In?
A half dozen choices of grand narrative for an increasingly turbulent era. Take your pick.
The Clash of Civilizations?
The Debate: Twentieth Anniversary Edition
Cuba Libre?
U.S.-Cuban Relations From Revolution to Rapprochement
A New Cold War?
Russia and America, Then and Now
Who Benefits From Trade?
Everything you need to know to understand one of the hottest issues of the 2016 election.
The Best of 2020
Our editors’ top picks from print and web.
The Path to a Sustainable World
A 2020 Davos Reader
A New Financial Geopolitics?
The U.S.-Led Monetary Order in a Time of Turbulence
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Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial Turns Up Pressure on Nigerian Government
Spotlight on Japan Fall 2020
by Author:Sheila A. Smith
Maybe Tunisians Never Wanted Democracy
by Steven A. Cook
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