New White Paper Explores Nonprofits Transforming Charlotte with Technology
October 25, 2017 09:30 ET
| Source: Apparo
CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apparo, a Charlotte-based nonprofit that connects other nonprofits to corporate volunteers, today announced the organization’s new white paper that explores how technology is enabling local nonprofits to execute their missions more efficiently and effectively with technology education, training and affordable IT solutions.
In today’s technology-driven landscape, there aren’t any people, organizations, or businesses that can thrive without technology, including nonprofits. Since the invention of the first computer in 1958 and the internet in the 1990s, technology has been transforming the way the world operates.
“Nonprofits are focused on providing services that aid the development and upkeep of society in areas like arts and culture, education, environmental conservation, human services, and more,” said Kim Lanphear, CEO of Apparo. “There is an undeniable need to deliver missions with a sense of urgency and an expectation to do so with the most effective use of resources possible. That leaves little time or financial resources for employing technology solutions to improve effectiveness.”
Titled "Simplicity: Nonprofits Transforming Charlotte through Technology,” this white paper provides an overview of Apparo’s partnership with The James S. and John L. Knight Foundation to create the Simplicity program, an initiative that helps make technology changes to simplify and transform nonprofits from the inside out, along with their delivery of services in the community. The Simplicity program took several nonprofit agencies on a transformative organizational journey with change-management consultation to sustain new processes and cultural behaviors that have positively impacted Charlotte and its most vulnerable populations.
“Innovative programs like Simplicity are vital to creating a better Charlotte,” Lanphear said. “This white paper includes some powerful case studies and best practices that we wanted to share with the community and is proof that technology can change the world and transform communities.”
Click here to download a complimentary copy of the white paper. For more information, contact Apparo at or call (704) 716-7767
About Apparo:
Apparo, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, connects nonprofits and corporations in the Charlotte, N.C. area, delivering technology solutions that multiply nonprofit effectiveness. Considered the go-to provider of technology strategy, implementation, consulting and support services for nonprofits, to date Apparo has served more than 400 local nonprofits, providing them with $7.2 million worth of technology solutions. To learn more, visit
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