FTI Consulting Survey Finds CEOs Gain Favor Among Investors and Employees by Addressing Major Societal Issues
Data Demonstrates Need for CEOs to Take on Complex Societal Issues, Show Strong Corporate Purpose and Values, and Effectively Communicate and Engage with Stakeholders Frequently
December 08, 2021 07:30 ET
| Source: FTI Consulting, Inc.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) today announced the results of a new survey, CEO Leadership Redefined, that finds stakeholders are increasingly turning to CEOs for leadership on issues that go beyond the business.
FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications segment conducted surveys among a nationally representative sample of U.S. working professionals and institutional investors. The research was designed to understand the expectations these critical stakeholders have of CEOs amid a period of political and social unrest during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The challenging events of the past two years have made clear that society is demanding a different kind of leadership from a new generation of CEOs. This research proves that important stakeholders for businesses, including employees and investors, are paying close attention to not only what CEOs say, but also the actions they take within their own businesses to address societal issues,” said Brent McGoldrick, a Senior Managing Director and Americas Head of the Digital & Insights practice within the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting.
Research revealed that investors and working professionals strongly believe that CEOs must focus on people and the planet, in addition to profit. Increasingly, stakeholders are looking to CEOs to address and navigate issues that go beyond the business – from climate change to social justice to public and employee health. Further, how CEOs address these issues through their words and actions can positively or negatively impact a company’s reputation and their own favorability. 
Key findings from the survey include:  
“We’re at a critical moment where CEOs must redefine what it means to be effective business leaders moving forward,” said Christine DiBartolo, a Senior Managing Director and Americas Head of the Corporate Reputation practice within the Strategic Communications segment at FTI Consulting. “Taking on complex societal issues, demonstrating strong corporate purpose and values, and regularly communicating are now critical components of the CEO’s job.”
This is the first installment of FTI Consulting’s CEO Leadership Redefined series. FTI Consulting will host a webinar on Thursday, December 16 to review survey results and what they mean for CEO communications strategies – register here. Future installments will dive deeper into topics like ESG and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and political advocacy.
About this survey  
FTI Consulting’s Strategic Communications segment conducted a survey across the United States among 1,012 employed professionals of companies greater than 250 employees, as well as 253 institutional investors. The survey was conducted online between September 10-18, 2021. 
About FTI Consulting 
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