NFT Artworks by Artificial Paintings Will Serve as Keys to a New VR Metaverse
Artificial Paintings announces a new drop a new collection of NFT-paintings on Binance. The paintings will be used as keys for the company's upcoming VR metaverse.
January 17, 2022 11:30 ET
| Source: Artificial Paintings
NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Artificial Paintings is an innovative art gallery specializing in paintings made by artificial intelligence. After its foundation in 2020, the company quickly gained attention thanks to its novel approach to visual art and the remarkable quality of the AI-created paintings. Works from the Artificial Paintings gallery are available for sale both as NFT and in a traditional physical format, printed on a canvas.
Recently Artificial Paintings has begun the construction of its own VR metaverse. Along with that, the company has released an extensive collection of AI paintings in non-fungible token format at the Binance marketplace. Part of the funds raised by selling the collection will be used for building the metaverse. As for now, 4300 unique paintings are waiting for their customer.
A fascinating collection of abstract artworks have been created using a novel GAN model. During the last six months, the model was trained on an authentic dataset consisting of the works of prominent painters. 150,000 works of abstract art underwent a long and meticulous process of manual selection and preparation for machine learning. Another technology was implemented to grant paintings with maximum details without using vector format.
The price of NFT paintings in the collection starts from 190$ per piece. Each minted painting can be printed on a canvas and sent to a customer with an authenticity certificate for an extra cost.
All of the owners of artworks from the new collection will enjoy the special benefits of the Artificial Paintings metaverse once it's launched. Every NFT painting will serve as a key for valuable artifacts and provide various accesses to secret locations. Paintings and videos from previous collections will also play their role in an upcoming metaverse.
Much more fascinating updates and experiments are yet to come. Keep up with the upcoming events and regular updates of Artificial Paintings on our social media: Twitter (@ArtificialNFT), Instagram (​@Artificial_Paintings)​, or Discord (​​).
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Alex Solonsky
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AI Art Key Collection
AI Art Key Collection
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