Carnex announces strategic focus on electric vehicles, positioning to become leading supplier in EV space
January 17, 2022 14:06 ET
| Source: Carnex
Toronto, ON,Canada, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a leading vehicle e-commerce platform, is pleased to announce its official strategic transition into the electric vehicle (EV) resale market.
The transition will enable to buy and sell used electric vehicles. Being Canada’s first EV-only e-commerce platform, Founder and CEO Bruce Wu said: “as nations race to transform their energy sector to reduce carbon emissions, renewable energy will play a pivotal role in the future economy, with electric vehicles being a crucial option for consumers.”
As part of the transition, has implemented a seamless online experience for customers to review their desired vehicles and make purchases just like they might buy other consumer products online. Customers can review images and vehicle performance specifications from the comfort of their homes, enabling them to make an informed purchase without needing to visit in person. Moreover, Carnex will provide aftermarket services specifically tailored for electric vehicles, including the test drive, charging products and services, EV accessories, educational and technical support.
The recent years, EV's advanced digital cockpits and connected vehicle networks have received excellent reception from consumers. But these features tend to come at a premium, presenting a high bar of entry. Through the transition, Bruce aims to lower the cost barrier to EVs, allowing all Canadians to experience the benefits they provide and bolster the efforts in protecting the environment.
Bruce became an entrepreneur in the vehicle market after graduating from university in Ontario.  Now with more than eight years of experience, he’s noticed a significant issue in Canada’s EV secondary market.
“Tesla does not have a franchised dealership network in Canada, leading to insufficient aftermarket support,” highlighted Bruce. “Most major EV manufacturers such as Tesla, RIVIAN, LUCID and NIO are still employing a direct sale approach to their customers. Carnex hopes to fulfill this service gap.”
Currently, Carnex has a core team of more than ten industry experts with rich experience in automotive and e-commerce platforms. As online vehicle purchases see wider adoption among consumers, Carnex hopes to bring a complete shopping experience for Canadians both online and offline.
The internet has become the foremost channel for vehicle transactions and the industry is taking note. Some recent successes include Soft bank's US$360 million investment into Carro during its series C round funding in June 2021 and the US$67.7 million investment into vehicle bidding startup Motorway.
About Carnex is Canada's first e-commerce platform for used Electric Vehicles, with the EV company's headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario. Its core management team has specialized in the automotive industry for more than ten years – primarily in China, which is home to the world’s largest EV market. Carnex's monthly turnover currently exceeds more than $1 million Canadian dollars. Its leadership recognized that the potential EV market is enormous, as more and more customers seek high-quality, environment-friendly EV products and services. Therefore, the founders want to enable anyone to access the convenience and benefits of electric vehicles. To that end, is dedicated to providing customers with EV knowledge, as well as to meeting consumer needs with after-market service capabilities, such as  EV test-drives; technical consultations, meanwhile, for its local customers in Canada, they also offer online car selection; online loans; online replacement; and door-to-door car delivery.
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