Tonga Tsunami relief by Pita Taufatofua
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Hi All, Pita Taufatofua, the Tongan Flag Bearer here. As you all know a large Tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption has devastated Tonga. The eruption occurred in Haapai  and spread through to all islands. Initial reports of damage have been catastrophic and all communications with Tonga have been wiped out. In preparation and through the recovery efforts we are seeking your donations to help our island Kingdom. My Father, the Governor of Haapai is on Tongatapu. At this stage we haven't heard from him but are preparing for assistance for the country. Haapai is a series of low laying island most of which have no elevation. I am currently in training camp in Australia but am imobilising all the assistance I can to send to our beloved Tonga. In the coming days, weeks we will need your help.  Initial priority for the funds will go towards those most in need, infrastructure and damage to schools, hospitals etc. This is an ongoing fundraiser and will be updated regularly. Your assistance and support in this time of need is greatly appreciated.

Ofa atu all and Ofa atu Tonga  
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Pita Taufatofua 
Riverhills QLD

January 15, 2022
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