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GovExec Today DAILY
Top federal stories and news alerts from
GovExec PM Update DAILY
An afternoon digest of must-read federal news, as it happens.
GovExec Pay and Benefits Watch THURSDAY
The latest on compensation and federal pay issues.
GovExec Retirement Planning FRIDAY
Insights from Tammy Flanagan, senior benefits director at the NITP.
GovExec Workforce Week MONDAY
Pay, benefits, hiring and human capital management issues.
Research & Insights THURSDAY
The latest in-depth analysis and actionable insights from our research team and industry partners.
GovExec Open Season MONDAY
Information to help you make decisions during this year’s open season for changing health benefit elections.
The New Agenda WEDNESDAY
News and analysis to help you understand the Biden administration’s new priorities.
Nextgov Today DAILY
Top federal technology stories and news alerts from
Nextgov CIO Briefing MONDAY
The need-to-know federal technology news for current and aspiring technology executives.
Defense Tech Brief TUESDAY
Military tech news, from the Pentagon to the battlefield, delivered every other week to your inbox.
Defense One
Defense One Today DAILY
Provides national security leaders news, analysis, and ideas driving the future of U.S. defense.
Defense Business Brief FRIDAY
Global business editor Marcus Weisgerber’s exclusive reporting, analysis, and tips on industry trends and leaders.
The D Brief DAILY
Your morning roundup of breaking military and defense news around the world by former paratrooper Ben Watson and seasoned defense writer Bradley Peniston.
The Naval Brief THURSDAY
Miss the mail buoy? Catch your weekly news and commentary about the Navy and Marine Corps.
The Army Brief FRIDAY
Wake up to reveille and our weekly roundup of what's up and what's coming up in land warfare.
The Air & Space Brief MONDAY
Launch your week with news and commentary on the Air Force, Space Force, and space technology.
Route Fifty
Route Fifty Today DAILY
A fresh, in-depth focus on the critical role that innovation is playing in driving smarter government across the U.S.
This Week in State and Local FRIDAY
The best stories selected by readers and editors.
Route Fifty Tech & Innovation UpdateWEDNESDAY
A weekly look at how state and local leaders are implementing new ideas and approaches, driven by technological advances, to address key challenges.
This Week in Federal Funding TUESDAY
The weekly newsletter for state and local government officials on news about and best practices for spending federal aid.
Defense One
Route Fifty
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