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The govinfo Link Service provides services for developers and webmasters to access content and metadata on govinfo. Current and planned services include a link service, list service, and search service. Please contact askGPO for additional information about current or planned services.
The link service is used to create embedded links to content and metadata on govinfo and is currently enabled for the collections below. The collection code is listed in parenthesis after each collection name, and the available queries are listed below each collection. More information about each query is provided on the individual collection page.
Congressional Bills (BILLS)
GET​/bills​/{congress}​/{billtype}​/{billnum}Query: bill number, bill type, congress, bill version OR most recent
Congressional Calendars (CCAL)
GET​/ccal​/latest​/{chamber}Query: chamber, publish date OR most recent
GET​/ccal​/{chamber}​/{section}Query: chamber, section, publish date OR most recent
Congressional Documents (CDOC)
GET​/cdoc​/{congress}​/{doctype}​/{docnum}Query: congress, document type, document number
GET​/cdoc​/{congress}​/{jacketid}Query: congress, jacket number
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
GET​/cfr​/{titlenum}​/{partnum}Query: title number, part number, section number,year OR most recent
Congressional Hearings (CHRG)
GET​/chrg​/{congress}​/house​/{committee}​/{serialnumber}Query: congress, chamber, committee, house serial number
GET​/chrg​/{congress}​/senate​/{hearingnumber}Query: congress, chamber, senate hearing number
GET​/chrg​/{congress}​/{jacketid}Query: congress, jacket number
Compilation of Presidential Documents (CPD)
GET​/cpd​/{doctype}​/{docnum}Query: document type, document number
GET​/cpd​/{year}Query: dcpd type OR dcpd number
Congressional Committee Prints (CPRT)
GET​/cprt​/{congress}​/house​/{printnum}​/{committee}Query: congress, chamber, house print number, committee
GET​/cprt​/{congress}​/senate​/{printnum}Query: congress, chamber, senate print number
GET​/cprt​/{congress}​/{jacketid}Query: congress, jacket number
Congressional Record - Daily (CREC)
GET​/crec​/cas​/{congress}​/{billtype}​/{billnum}Query: congress, bill number, bill type
GET​/crec​/latestQuery: Latest CREC by publish date OR most recent
GET​/crec​/section​/{section}Query: section, publish date OR most recent
GET​/crec​/type​/{type}Query: document type, publish date OR most recent
GET​/crec​/{volume}​/{pageprefix}​/{page}Query: volume, page prefix, page number
Congressional Reports (CRPT)
GET​/crpt​/{congress}​/{associatedbillnum}Query: associated bill, congress
GET​/crpt​/{congress}​/{doctype}​/{reportnum}Query: congress, report type, report number
Federal Register (FR)
GET​/fr​/latestQuery: Latest Federal Register document
GET​/fr​/{frdocnum}Query: Federal Register document number
GET​/fr​/{volume}​/{page}Query: volume, page number
Public and Private Laws (PLAW)
GET​/plaw​/{congress}​/{associatedbillnum}Query: associated bill number, congress
GET​/plaw​/{congress}​/{lawtype}​/{lawnum}Query: congress, law type, law number
GET​/plaw​/{statutecitation}Query: Statutes at Large citation
Statutes at Large (STATUTE)
GET​/statute​/{congress}​/{lawtype}​/{lawnum}Query: congress, law type, law number
GET​/statute​/{volume}​/{page}Query: volume, page number
United States Code (USCODE)
GET​/uscode​/latest​/{title}Query: title number, year OR most recent
GET​/uscode​/{title}​/{section}Query: title number, type, section, year OR most recent

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