About Sitemaps
Sitemaps can be used to crawl and harvest content from govinfo. For more information on how to use our sitemaps or report issues, please see our sitemap repository. Sitemaps are available for the following collections.
Bills and Statutes
Budget and Presidential Materials
Congressional Committee Materials
Congressional Rules and Procedures
Directories of Organizations and Officials
Executive Agency Publications
Judicial Publications
United States Court Opinions (USCOURTS)
Includes listings for all court types listed by individual court code as well as top-level indices based on the year
Legislative Agency Publications
GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions (GAOREPORTS)
Proceedings of Congress and General Congressional Publications
Regulatory Information
Additional Collections
Bulk Data Sitemaps
The following links provide sitemaps for data available in the govinfo Bulk Data Repository.

U.S. Government Publishing Office
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