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Where do HE students study?
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Where do HE students study?
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Important - Changes to student data for 2019/20
Changes to data coverage mean that the latest student data differs from previously published data. Expand this box for more information.
Impact of COVID-19 on student data
There are known areas in which the pandemic has had some impact on the 2019/20 Student data. Expand this box for more information.
The tables and charts on this page display information about where UK HE students study. Some information is taken from our Higher Education Student Statistics: UK, 2019/20 student bulletin. 
All tables and charts include a link underneath allowing you to download the data. Many tables also include a link to download the complete source data as a machine-readable csv file.
Students by HE provider
What do we mean by HE provider?
The table below shows the number of students at each HE provider. Use the buttons on the right to show a breakdown by sex or domicile (UK/EU/non-EU). Use the filters to restrict to first year students only, full-time or part-time students, or a particular level of study. Due to the size of this table, some browsers may perform better than others.
Key fact: The Open University has more than double the number of first year students than any other provider.
HE student enrolments by HE provider
Academic years 2014/15 to 2019/20


Academic year  
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Location of study
In the table below use the Domicile marker drop-down to show the countries (EU or non-EU) or UK counties/unitary authorities that students come from. Use the button to see which regions of England students are studying in.
HE student enrolments by domicile and region of HE provider
Academic years 2014/15 to 2019/20
Display region of HE provider as:

UK countries

English regions
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Student accommodation
The chart below shows the types of accommodation students lived in during term-time. This data is only collected for full-time students (including sandwich students). This data is not available for the HESA Student alternative record, so the chart below is restricted to include providers from the HESA Student record only.
Key fact: 20% of full time and sandwich students live with their parents/guardians during term-time.
Full-time and sandwich students by term-time accommodation
Academic years 2014/15 to 2019/20
First year marker
Own r…
Other r…
Not in attendance at…
Not known
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What's the difference between Own residence and Other rented accommodation?
What does Not in attendance at the provider mean?
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