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Safeguarding the record and countering distortion
The IHRA recognizes more than ever the need for a fact-based approach to the history with which it is concerned. Accordingly, the IHRA focuses on programs which aim to safeguard the historical record (including sites, testimony and archival material) of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma and to counter distortion. These thematic focuses are of particular relevance and concern to societies presently and in the coming years. 
The IHRA’s projects help it work towards defining the nature of the risks and dangers which are of concern. These temporary entities are established to meet specific objectives within a certain period of time. IHRA Projects increase cooperation between the IHRA’s expert and political levels, strengthen international exchange, and utilize the IHRA’s multidisciplinary expertise in their work to safeguard the record and counter distortion.  
Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust
Promoting the use of fact-based, educationally sound approaches for teaching and learning about the Holocaust.
Monitoring Access to Holocaust Collections
Helping ensure full and open access to Holocaust collections by increasing awareness, creating a forum for cooperation, and establishing guidelines.
Safeguarding Sites: IHRA Charter for Best Practice
Collaborating with international heritage conservation organizations to provide guidance on working with European sites at risk.
Holocaust Denial and Distortion Laws
Understanding the impact of regulations that seek to secure the historical record of the Holocaust from distortion and misuse.
Stockholm Declaration
2020 IHRA Ministerial Declaration
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