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IHRA Working Definition of Holocaust-related Materials
Holocaust-related materials must have their origin in the period from the end of the First World War, extending forward to the close of Displaced Person camps in the 1950s, and must pertain to the legal, political social, economic, and cultural status of groups that became subject to state policies and/or persecution during the core period of 1933-1945. Exceptions to these temporal parameters include materials from Holocaust war crimes trials; testimonies about the Holocaust and its deniers; Holocaust commemoration and memorialization; asset and compensation-related materials; and records that are part of larger collections yet remain relevant to Holocaust history.

Types of materials include, but are not limited to
Materials relevant to study of the Holocaust inform a wide range of subject areas, the most important of which relate to the systematic and state-sponsored murder of approximately six million Jews and approximately a half million Roma in Europe and North Africa by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. In addition, such materials inform a wide range of related subject areas. These subject areas may include:
Reported research results will distinguish as much as possible experiences and data pertaining to records relevant to the study of the Holocaust from those relevant to other Nazi crimes.
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