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Do Not Track
Do you want to tell Hotjar not to collect your data?
Hotjar’s behavior analytics software is designed to give website owners an aggregated view of their users’ behavior while browsing their site. This provides website owners with the insights needed to improve the overall experience for their users. Hotjar is not designed to track individual users.
At Hotjar we take privacy rights seriously. Any data our service captures about you is processed and stored in a way that is designed to protect you and your information.
It is the responsibility of the website owner to obtain consent to collect and/or process your data when browsing on their site and to allow you to withdraw that consent in accordance with data privacy laws.
That said, we know and respect that some people might prefer to have Hotjar not process their information across any site on the web and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a ‘Do Not Track’ or ‘Block’ request to our servers. We offer two methods to do this.
However, due to the constantly changing nature of browsers, both methods do have limitations and might not be available on all platforms and browsers.
Option 1: Block
The block method works with just one click by installing a cookie on your browser that prevents Hotjar from collecting your data in the future when using your current browser.
Important to note:
Your browser (Chrome 38) currently supports one-click block. Simply click the button below to let Hotjar know not to collect your data.
Your browser currently allows Hotjar to collect your data.
To change this, click the button below.
Option 2: ‘Do Not Track’ Browser Setting
The block method outlined above is specific to Hotjar and will not prevent other similar services from collecting your data. It can also be rendered ineffective if you clear cookies in your browser. This second method involves changing a setting in your browser. This means it is not specific to Hotjar and will not be undone when you clear cookies.
Before collecting your data, Hotjar always checks to see if you have enabled the ‘Do Not Track’ setting in your browser. If you wish to prevent Hotjar from collecting your data, as well as other services that check for this setting in advance, you can do so by following the instructions below.
Important to note:

How to install the Do Not Track header
  1. To update your settings, please go to Chrome "Settings" from the menu button.
  2. Click on "Privacy".
  3. Click on "Do Not Track".
  4. Turn on the switch.
For more information, please visit the documentation.
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