Michael Calderone
Senior Media Reporter, HuffPost
Michael Calderone is HuffPost's senior media reporter. He is also an adjunct journalism professor at New York University. Calderone previously covered media and politics for Politico, the New York Observer, and Yahoo News. Email: michael.calderone@huffingtonpost.com
September 6, 2017
The New York Times Hires Michelle Goldberg As A Columnist
August 23, 2017
Trump Takes Authoritarian Stance In Portraying Journalists As Anti-American Enemy
August 23, 2017
Steve Bannon's Return To Breitbart May Cause Rift In Trump's Media Base
August 18, 2017
Steve Bannon Returns To Breitbart News, Talks Of 'War' To Come
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August 17, 2017
Progressive Groups Push CNN To Invite Paul Ryan's Democratic Challenger To Town Hall
August 16, 2017
New York Times Editorial Editor Says They Didn't Intend To Wrongly Blame Sarah Palin
August 14, 2017
CNN's Charlottesville Coverage Shows Its Deep Bench Of Pro-Trump Pundits
August 13, 2017
Pulitzer-Winner James Risen Joins The Intercept And First Look Media
August 14, 2017
Reporter's Lawyer Demands Fox News Host Drop Lawsuit Over Lewd Texting Story
August 10, 2017
New York Times Editorial Page Editor To Testify In Sarah Palin Defamation Case
August 8, 2017
Conservative Media Voices Line Up Against Sinclair’s Purchase Of Tribune
August 7, 2017
Ex-CNN Pundit Kayleigh McEnany Is RNC's New National Spokeswoman
August 4, 2017
Jeff Sessions' Tough Talk On Leaks Heightens Fears Of Jailing Journalists
August 3, 2017
New York Times Group Erupts Over Charge Editorial Was Softened At Governor’s Behest
August 2, 2017
Journalism Advocates Join In Tracking Trump-Era Attacks On The Press
August 1, 2017
Trump Linked To Fox News’ Bogus Seth Rich Story, Lawsuit Alleges
July 28, 2017
Pulitzer Prize-Winner James Risen Leaving The New York Times
July 27, 2017
Fox News Takes Out Full Page New York Times Ad After Dispute With The Paper
July 26, 2017
Trump’s Attacks On Jeff Sessions Test Breitbart’s Support For The President
July 24, 2017
New York Times Doesn't Get Its Apology From 'Fox & Friends' Over ISIS Segment
July 21, 2017
Trump 'Loved' His New Communications Director's Feud With CNN
July 20, 2017
Sean Spicer Finally Takes On-Camera Questions -- From The Christian Broadcasting Network
July 19, 2017
How A Political Scientist Broke The News Of Trump's Meeting With Putin
July 17, 2017
NRA Claims The Washington Post Is Where 'Journalism Dies'
July 13, 2017
Trump Speaks Off The Record To Reporters Amid Solo News Conference Drought
July 11, 2017
Donald Trump Jr. Became ‘Totally Transparent’ After The New York Times Got The Goods
July 7, 2017
Senator Asks Attorney General For Any Evidence Trump Meddled In CNN Deal
July 6, 2017
Trump Might Try To Threaten AT&T-Time Warner Deal Over CNN's Coverage Of Him
June 22, 2017
Journalists Condemn Trump Press Restrictions, But Don't Expect Them To Boycott Briefings
June 21, 2017
Wall Street Journal Fires Reporter Jay Solomon For Alleged Spy Plane Deal
June 19, 2017
CNN White House Reporter Questions Covering ‘Bizarre’ And ‘Pointless’ Briefings
June 15, 2017
CNN Chief Says NBC's Marketing Of Alex Jones Interview Was A 'Big Mistake'
June 15, 2017
CNN Chief Calls Politicians' Attacks On The Press 'Shameful' And 'Dangerous'
June 14, 2017
HuffPost Lays Off Dozens Amid Corporate Cutbacks
June 13, 2017
Limits On Press Access In Congress Spark Uproar
June 12, 2017
NBC Has A Right To Book Alex Jones, But Does It Have A Good Enough Reason?
June 12, 2017
Associated Press Names Julie Pace As Washington Bureau Chief
June 9, 2017
New York Times Stands By Trump-Russia Report That Comey Disputed
June 7, 2017
Republican Politicians Seem Emboldened By Trump’s Media-Bashing
June 6, 2017
Trump Administration Follows Obama Template In Targeting Journalists’ Sources
June 2, 2017
Climate Finally Gets TV Spotlight, But Science Experts And Advocates Are Scarce
May 31, 2017
The New York Times Is Eliminating The Public Editor Role
May 30, 2017
Kentucky Newspaper’s Windows Shattered Amid Rising Anti-Press Climate
May 26, 2017
Hillary Clinton Questions Media Trying To 'Appease' Conservatives After Election
May 26, 2017
Montana TV Station Won't Air Recording Of GOP Candidate's Attack On Journalist
May 25, 2017
Fox News Had The Best Reporting On Journalist Attack, But Its Top Hosts Ignored It
May 25, 2017
GOP Candidate's Attack On Reporter Shows Peril Of Asking Questions In Trump's America
May 25, 2017
Sean Hannity Sees Liberal Attempt To Drive Him Off The Air: ‘This Is A Kill Shot’
May 22, 2017
MSNBC Hits Ratings Milestone Amid Blitz Of Trump Bombshells
May 18, 2017
Roger Ailes, Who Wielded Political And Media Power Through Fox News, Dies At 77
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