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No one wants a noodle that slips through your fork, or one that doesn't absorb enough flavor. Here's what experts recommend.
Lesbian Bars Aren’t What They Used To Be... In A Good Way
Deb Gordon, who has helped run Slammers, a lesbian bar that opened in the '90s, reflects on what's changed and what still needs to change.
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Nutritionists share how to enjoy a healthy midnight snack without destroying your night's sleep.
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The Best Milk And Worst Kinds Of Milk For Lattes, According To Baristas
Whether oat, soy, coconut, nut or classic dairy, not all milk foams the same in coffee. Here’s what you need to know.
In A Battle Of Famous Scrambled Eggs, Which Chef’s Technique Is The Best?
Gordon Ramsay, Ina Garten, Anthony Bourdain and Martha Stewart are all known for their scrambled egg recipes. We break down the pros and cons of each.
Jake Cohen: Being Gay And Being Jewish Have Dictated My Career
Chef and food personality Jake Cohen shares the pressures and responsibilities that come along with representing your community.
Day Drinking Hits Your Body Way Differently. Here’s How, According To Doctors.
Drinking a pitcher of margaritas poolside hits different from an evening glass of wine. Three doctors explain exactly how.
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Plus, pro tips that'll help you optimize every element of it.
‘Knowing How To Cook Was Actually My Lifesaver In Jail’
The founder of Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society shares how teaching others to cook in jail served as her protective shield.
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We asked two grilling experts to share their tips for avoiding the most common mistakes grillers make.
7 Easy Tips For Making Perfect Grilled Chicken Every Time
It's easy to overcook your chicken, but it's just as easy to make it perfectly juicy if you follow these tips.
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We *grilled* the top experts, and their intel will transform the way your food tastes.
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Food safety experts share what makes them cringe and give their best tips on making sure everyone stays safe.
What’s The Best Ground-Beef-To-Fat Ratio For A Perfect Burger? Here’s What Experts Say.
Should you opt for a leaner 90/10 ground beef mix, or a fattier 80/20 ground chuck? This is the number to keep in mind before you grill.
At 65, This Cancer Survivor And Noodle Maker Proves It’s Never Too Late To Go For Your Dreams
Decades after immigrating from Vietnam, Dan Minh Vu is finally making the handmade traditional rice noodles he came to the United States to share.
This Son Of 2 Immigrants Turned 20 Acres Of Weeds Into An Award-Winning Winery
Akash Patel, owner of Akash Winery, shares what it's like to build a winery from scratch and the importance of representation in the industry.
12 Affordable, Delicious Meals You Can Cook With A Can Of Fish
From French bistro fare to delicious sauces, canned tuna and salmon are delicious (and cheap!) proteins you can cook with right now.
This James Beard Nominee Started Her Restaurant By Googling ‘How Do You Start A Food Business’
Thuy Pham, a hairstylist turned chef, shares how she morphed a great idea into a successful business during the pandemic.
Are Carrageenan And Other Ingredients In Non-Dairy Milks As Bad As People Say?
Many consumers are scared of carrageenan, xanthan gum, lecithin and other common ingredients in plant-based milks. Here's what you need to know.
Sriracha Hot Sauce Maker Warns Of Shortage This Summer
Southern California-based Huy Fong Inc., plans to suspend sales of its famous spicy sauce over the summer due to a shortage of chili peppers.
The Best Dipping Sauces For French Fries That Aren't Ketchup
Look beyond Heinz and elevate your fry game with these tasty condiments.
Massachusetts McDonald’s Accused Of Intentionally Selling Muslim Family Bacon
A civlil rights organization alleges that restaurant employees deliberately put bacon on a fish sandwich that a Muslim woman had ordered for one of her children.
How To Make The Perfect Sangria, According To Bartenders
The notion that sangria is just wine and fruit is false. Learn the formula for truly great sangria, and your summer will be changed.
Wisconsin Man Celebrates 50 Years Of Daily Big Macs At McDonald's
Don Gorske has eaten a Big Mac almost every day for 50 years ― more than 32,000 as of last August.
Why BIPOC Chefs Are Rolling Their Eyes When You Demand Substitutions
Born in a Thai refugee camp, Hmong American chef Yia Vang sticks to his roots and his parents’ treasured recipes — so please don’t ask him for vegan sausage.
Mixologists Spill The Secrets To Making The Perfect Mint Julep
Mixologists share their foolproof techniques, just in time for your Kentucky Derby celebration.
Are You Baking With The Wrong Kind Of Butter?
European or American? Salted or unsalted? Baking professionals explain the best butter for the job, and they don't all agree.
It's Settled: THIS Is The Best Way To Make A Margarita
Should you salt the rim or not? And more importantly, is it better on the rocks or blended?
The 10 Most Gloriously Delicious Recipes From Instagram In April
Crispy potatoes, creamy pastas and a latte that'll knock your socks off.
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