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Compare the best broadband providers
With time and technological advancement, the number of broadband providers is increasing in the market. With so many options, one may find it quite a task to choose the best broadband for themselves. Moreover, there are some broadband deals proposed by the provider that may save you some money, but that may not fulfil other desired requirements. To solve this dilemma, we are here to compare broadband providers and their proposed deals for you. If you are wondering what to look for in a broadband provider, read on to learn about the important defining aspects.
How should I compare broadband providers?
With so many options in the market, comparing broadband providers is a necessary task. Each provider is popularly known for its signature feature, but this may change between providers. To find the most reliable broadband, you must look into some major features such as availability, speed, cost, customer service, bundles, etc. Below are some features explained that you should consider while selecting broadband for yourself.
Download speed
The demand for the download speed varies from place to place. When it comes to choosing a broadband connection, you need to check for a suitable bandwidth. For instance, if you want an internet connection for your house where you intend only to do some light browsing and download small files, a 10 Mbps broadband deal would do. However, if you want internet services for your office where you have to download large files and deal with some high bandwidth websites, you must go for a faster broadband package.
Download limit
This feature, again, depends on the requirement and nature of your work with the internet services. If you are looking for a broadband package for your house, you may not want to have an excessive download limit. However, if you are prone to playing video games, you may want to increase the download limit. Broadband companies have provided their customers with various internet deals that are best suited to their requirements.
Type of broadband
The type of broadband should be considered when looking for an internet connection. When coming across various broadband deals, you need to be particular about the type of broadband that you need. The most common types of broadband are ADSL, Fiber, Cable, and mobile. You can shortlist some broadband deals that offer your desired type of broadband.
Hardware requirements
Another significant feature that you need to look at while picking your broadband is the hardware requirements. Once you select your offer, you need to find out if you need any equipment for setting up a new internet connection.
For a well-operated and uninterrupted internet connection, you need to check the availability of broadband in your area. While looking for reliable internet, make sure that the selected broadband serves in your area as well.
Cost is an aspect that you cannot ignore at all while selecting a broadband deal. You may come across some broadband companies that offer all the features that you are looking for in one deal, but that might cost you a great fortune in the long run. Likewise, there must be various offers that might be light on your pocket but may not provide you with a quality service. Therefore, you need to look for broadband providers that have both high-quality internet as well as excellent customer service.
Customer support
Good communication can make your life a lot easier. When choosing a broadband connection, make sure that the selected provider is promising you respect, availability, and emergency purposes. Good customer support is as mandatory when getting a new internet connection as it is important in fixing internet issues on time.
Benefits and bundles
In the pursuit of a new internet connection, it’s best to go for one that offers the most benefits to you. Moreover, you need to look if the broadband bundle you are selecting offers all the features mentioned above. You can save a great deal of money if your internet providers allow you to combine bundles with your TV or phone.
What type of broadband deal should I go for?
While comparing the broadband providers, you need to make sure that the type of broadband deal is best suited for you. There are various types of broadband deals available in the UK, but you need to see if they match your requirements. Additionally, you must remember to look at the speed; it is the most important feature of any sort of internet connection.
Here are some popular broadband deals elaborated for you:
Broadband only
This is the basic deal for those who do not want to connect their phone or TV with the deal. It is a deal that offers broadband-only.
Broadband and phone
In this type of deal, you can pay for both your broadband and phone under one broadband deal. Pairing your daily calls with the selected broadband will get you fair discounts. It is important to note that such deals are offered by large internet providers, but if you plan to save more, it is a good decision to pick one company that would lump your phone calls and broadband together in one deal.
Broadband and TV
If you are a fan of streaming services like Amazon and Netflix, then this is the best-suited deal for you. In this type of deal, you can pair your broadband and TV in one package. This is the perfect choice for those who love visual entertainment.
Broadband, TV, and phone
Dealing with various companies can be quite hectic. Having a combination in one broadband deal can help you save both your time and money. Such deals come with numerous benefits.
What are the different types of broadband available?
Below are some commonly used types of broadband available in the UK. You can select one that meets your criterion.
If you are looking for a basic type of broadband, or live in a more remote area, ADSL is the best broadband. There are few areas where cable and fibre broadband fail to provide internet service. In such a case ADSL is preferred since it tends to provide its services at all places. The mode of connection for this type of broadband is copper wire that is carried directly to your home.
Cable broadband
The mode of connection for cable broadband is fibre and coaxial cables. It is also considered a basic and common type of broadband that has a relatively basic mode of connection as compared to fibre-optics. No wonder cable internet is faster than ADSL; it is not available in all areas.
Fibre-optic broadband
Fibre-optic broadband is a technologically advanced form of broadband. It offers high-speed internet along with a faster and more reliable internet connection. Fibre-optics have replaced copper wires in most places. They are a form of wire that is made of glass and plastic which makes it a lot faster to transfer data. It is observed that fibre-optic broadband is being widely used, with almost 90% of the UK being a customer.
Mobile broadband
Mobile broadband is necessary for those who want internet access in both their homes and offices, giving them internet in a portable form. Mobile broadband doesn’t limit you to a certain place as it is wireless.
Which providers offer the best broadband services in the UK?
Read this section to get information about the best broadband services in the UK.
Vodafone is the best choice when it comes to excellent customer support and high-speed internet connection. Currently, they offer two packages consisting of speeds 25 Mbps and 55 Mbps. If they fail to provide the services given in the package, they promise to repay you until the issues are resolved. Moreover, they offer home phone lines in both packages.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this broadband provider has packages for “all”. They offer packages for a basic download speed of 36 Mbps as well as a high-speed internet of 300 Mbps. Depending on your needs, you can select a reasonable broadband package. They promise to provide you with highly functional WiFi with discs that would aim to cover your entire house or office.
EE is a broadband provider that has a wide range of internet packages for its customers. Whether it is a 10 Mbps download speed internet, or 300 Mbps download speed internet, EE has it all. Moreover, their mobile broadband is functional in the areas where a typical fibre-optic internet cannot be served.
Their average speed ranges from 30-90 Mbps along with an uninterrupted service depending on your package. By installing fibres directly into the properties, they tend to provide their internet services in rural or remote areas as well.
John Lewis
With a 24/7 accessible customer service, John Lewis broadband provides their customers with three packages at an average speed of 10 Mbps - 66 Mbps. You can choose a package via call plans and the fare of wire rentals is added to all the packages offered.
NOW broadband
With NOW broadband, you can have three contracts annually. In all three call plans, they offer a high range of internet to their customers. Moreover, once you have signed in, they offer discounts on NOW TV passes as well.
With award-winning customer service, Plusnet offers its clients a huge range of broadband packages. With their unlimited package, you can download as much as you want and with that, they offer a reasonable download speed of 66 Mbps. If you pair your landline with broadband, you are most likely to get a discounted price for your package. Moreover, unlimited fibre customers have a choice to add YouView TV.
Post Office
Based on average peak time speeds, Post Office broadband offers three packages to their customers of 11, 38, and 67 Mbps, along with the line rentals added in each package. Moreover, this broadband provider offers their customers unlimited weekend calls on UK numbers.
Sky broadband offers a variety of options to its customers. Their packages come in different types and options, such as including phone and TV bundles. Sky Ultrafast Broadband is exceptional, providing an average speed of 145 Mbps to their customers.
SSE broadband has a range of three internet packages with two additional fibre broadband packages. There is no alteration in their price for eighteen months, and if you opt for an energy plan along with the broadband, you are then eligible for some good discounts for the internet connection.
Offering a fixed price for the period of their contract with the customer, they provide their customers with three broadband packages. Moreover, their Ultrafast Fibre connection offers a high speed of 900 Mbps. However, this may depend upon your location. Landline service is included in all the packages with an option of pairing it with TV and broadband as well.
Virgin Media
If you are looking for a broadband provider offering a package that includes all phones, TV, and internet, then Virgin Media is the best choice. They are the first provider to offer a combination of these three under one deal. It is important to note that this is not their only package. Instead, they offer a wide range of deals to their customers. You can either go for an annual or rolling thirty day contract provided that the setup fee is included in all of these.
With their FTTP feature, Hyperoptic broadband promises their customers the highest speed internet at 900 Mbps. This is because they set up fibre-optics that run to your home. This eventually gives you uninterrupted and high-quality internet services. They also offer upload speeds to their customers.
Shell Energy broadband
Shell Energy broadband is for those who are prone to simplicity and ease. They have services that are simple and high speed too. You will have to pay for the wire rentals, but there is no fee for the activation of your WiFi router. There are no appraisals in their prices after your contacts end and you have an unlimited chance to upload and download data.
Launched in 2018, Onestream broadband is comparatively new to the market. This is the best choice for those who are looking for a casual internet connection as well as those who require heavy downloads and website usage/streaming. They provide their customers with the luxury of line protection for engineering call-outs.
It is the most recommended broadband provider in the UK with a variety of packages and speed ranges. Their speed ranges lie somewhere between 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Moreover, they claim not to increase the prices for as long as you are their customers.
If you are looking for some reliable broadband providers, then you must consider Truespeed. They offer full fibre broadband packages and the least speed that they offer you is 200 Mbps. Moreover, they provide you with your line which you are not asked to share with any other service seekers.
For all the people related to business, XLN broadband is the most suitable choice in the market. They offer unlimited internet with cheap calls to their customers. XLN provides its services all over the UK and is one of the rapidly establishing telecoms companies.
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