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CompareMobile phone dealsBest SIM Only Deals
Best SIM Only Deals
Compare and get cheap SIM card only deal with best data plans
Sim only deals
Want to stay within budget while availing of the best mobile phone services? It is time to switch to sim-only plans. As long as you are aware of what mobile phone services (call, text, or data) do you use the most and what you are looking for in a plan, it is not difficult to find cheap sim only deals that will make sure that your money doesn’t go wasted. Read further to find the best sim only deals for you and how they are different from mobile contracts.
What is a sim-only deal?
A sim-only deal is a contract between you and a mobile network service provider that allows you to access services like call, text, and data in exchange for a fixed monthly payment. The charges can be recurring or one-time, depending on the length of the contract you choose. The services you will get depend on what plan you have chosen and whether you have a data-only sim card or a regular sim card. Switching to a sim-only deal cannot only help you in finding cheap call and text plans, but you can also find some of the best affordable data plans.
How is a sim-only deal different from mobile phone contracts?
The difference between a SIM card only deal and a mobile phone contract is that a sim-only agreement does not include the handset cost. Given this, a sim-only deal is also a cheaper option than mobile phone contracts and can work with any handset.
Benefits of a sim-only deal
Both large and small networks offer Sim-only deals with a variety of services and plans. Following are some significant benefits of sim-only deals.
No need to change phone
Unlike phone contracts, sim-only deals do not require you to charge your phone. You can buy a sim of any network, insert it in your phone, and subscribe to the sim-only deal that suits you the best.
Better affordability
Sim only deals require you to pay for the services offered, and it does not require you to pay for any handset, thus providing better affordability in the long run.
Flexible plans
Each mobile user has his/her preferences when it comes to buying service plans. Some are looking for better call packages, while others are interested in having more data capacity. No matter what your choice is, you will always find a suitable plan that suits your needs.
How do I switch from a phone contract to a sim-only deal?
If you are happy with the current handset you are having and have paid it off, you are free to switch to a SIM card only and save money. Your sim-only deal can be offered by your existing or a new network.
Sim only deals in a locked phone.
Some networks like Vodafone, Tesco Mobile, and O2 lock their handsets. Meaning, you cannot simply switch to a sim-only deal offered by a different network by inserting another sim. However, by calling your network, you can quickly get your phone unlocked. The customer service agent will ask for your phone’s IMEI number and unlock your phone for free. In case you haven’t paid off your handset and are still in a contract, your network might charge you for it.
Sim only deals in an unlocked phone.
Making the switch to a sim-only deal of any network in an unlocked phone is easy. All you need is to decide which network provides the sim-only deals that are the most suitable for you and switch sim card.
How do I upgrade to a better sim-only deal?
If you think the sim-only deal you are currently on isn’t the right one for you, you can simply switch to another that is more suitable for your needs, no matter if it is the same or a different network.
Switching to another sim-only deal of the same network
If you are on a pay-as-you-go sim-only deal, switching to a different arrangement is the easiest. All you have to do is sign-up for the new deal. However, if you are in a sim-only contract of the same network and want to upgrade to a better contract provided by the same network, the network will either start a new contract for you or upgrade the same contract without creating a new one.
Switching to a sim-only deal of a different network
To switch to the other network, you must first ensure that your handset isn’t locked. One way of doing that is by borrowing a sim of another network from your friend and inserting it in. Or you just get a free pay-as-you-go sim and see if it works on your phone. If the sim works, your phone isn’t locked, and you can insert the sim of any network and subscribe to a sim-only deal. However, if the phone locked, you need to unlock it first by calling your network. Only then you are allowed to use the same handset with a different network.
Can I keep my phone number if I switch to a different network?
You can save yourself from the hassle of telling everyone your new phone number after switching to a different network by keeping it the same as the old one. All you need to do is get a PAC code from your current network before switching to a new one. PAC codes usually have expiry dates; if you fail to make the switch before the code expires, you can simply ask for another one.
Will I lose service if I switch to a sim-only deal with another network?
If you are keeping your number and switching to a sim-only deal of another network, your number will not lose service while it’s being transferred to the other network. It will remain active on your old sim till the transfer is complete, and after that, you can simply switch to the new sim and enjoy the service without any interruption.
How to complain about your network?
In case you lose service or are experiencing some other problems with your network, the best course of action is to contact your network service provider and register a complaint. If you are a Vodafone user, simply type “Vodafone UK customer service number” in Google search, and you will be able to find the correct number to contact. The same goes for other networks. Make sure that you have communicated your problem clearly to the service provider. This will make the finding of your solution more effective. If you feel that the problem is not receiving the current network provider’s desired attention, consider switching to a better network.
What do I do with my old sim?
Simply tossing the old sim card away when you switch to a new one is not the right thing to do. Your sim also acts as data storage advice and can save personal information such as contacts and texts. To ensure your safety and protect your privacy, you must destroy your old sim card and make it unusable before throwing it away.
What is the right sim-only deal for me?
To find the right sim-only deal for you, compare a few options and choose the deal that matches best your needs. Following are some factors that you should consider while comparing different data only sim offers.
Allowance is the amount of data and the number of calls and texts you are allowed in a sim-only contract. A lower allowance will cost less and vice versa, but the cost shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. It is essential to be aware of how much data and how many calls and texts you need. Once you know that, you can decide if a particular deal offers what you need at a reasonable price.
Contract length
The most common contract length in sim-only deals is one month. However, you can choose between different contract lengths like cheap monthly plans or 12 months plans and select the one that provides the most value for your money.
The choice of the network also depends on your preference. In general, smaller networks offer sim-only deals at cheaper rates due to fewer overhead charges, but larger networks can add benefits.
What are the different services offered in a sim-only deal?
The different services offered in a sim-only deal include calls, texts, and data. You can choose a sim-only agreement that gives a balanced allowance of all these services or select the one that allows more of one than the other.
If calls are your preferred mode of communication and you do not use the other two services as much, then you should look for a sim-only deal that offers cheap calls with a greater allowance.
Some sim-only deals offer you unlimited texting or an insanely large number of texts, but it will be of little use to you if you do not use texts much. On the contrary, if texting is all you do, you can easily find cheap text only plans.
Mobile networks offer data allowance as part of all-in-one deals as well as data-only plans. If your use of other services is minimal, you can choose a deal in which data is given preference.
How much data should I look for in a sim-only deal?
The amount of data you should look for in a sim-only deal depends on your data usage. If you use data only for regular browsing and email-checking, then 2 to 3GB of data per month should be enough for you. However, if you stream a lot of videos, you will need more. You can also consider buying a data SIM card only and get cheap unlimited data plans if data is all you need. Before purchasing a data only sim, it is essential to understand your data needs and then compare phone plans with unlimited data or the amount of data you need before purchasing.
How do I pay for sim-only plans?
Sim-only contracts give you a fixed allowance of data, calls, and texts for a certain period and require you to make a payment for that period.
30-days plan
30-days or one-month plans are the most popular sim-only plans. You can pay periodically without a very long-term commitment. Read further to find out more about sim only contracts and learn how to find the cheapest monthly plan.
12-months plan
A 12-months plan will be good for you if you are sure about your network and the deal you have chosen and are ready for a long-term commitment.
Other plans
Apart from the plans mentioned above, different mobile network service providers offer sim-only plans for varied lengths of time so that you can choose the one that suits you the best.
How do I know my sim-only contract is ending?
When your sim-only contract is ending, you will receive an end-of-contract notification. If you had a good experience with the sim deal, you could renew the same agreement. However, if you found it inadequate, you can use this time to look for a better contract.
How can I unsubscribe from a sim-only deal?
If you want to switch to just a data sim card or look for phone contract plans, you can call customer service to cancel your sim-only contract. However, you will have to pay for the remainder of the agreement before you cancel. Some networks also allow you to unsubscribe using SMS.
Pay-as-you-go sim-only deals
Pay-as-you-go sim-only deals are different from sim-only contracts. Instead of committing to a deal or a network for a certain amount of time, you can pay as you go and enjoy the services just as well. Find the best pay as you go sim card to enjoy a greater degree of flexibility than a sim-only contract.
Which networks provide the best sim-only deals?
Networks like Vodafone, SMARTY, Giffgaff, SKY, O2, and EE are some of the best ones. Vodafone is a trusted large network that is specifically good for sim-only deals. Other networks have their advantages. The network you choose depends on your priority. Ask yourself the question: are you interested in a network that offers more flexibility, or do you want to know who has the cheapest unlimited plan? We recommend you to compare the sim-only deals provided by 5-6 well-reputed networks.
Can I trust smaller and less well-known networks for sim-only deals?
Yes, smaller and less well-known networks can be trusted for sim-only deals. Smaller networks can prove to be a better option for sim-only deals as they provide the services at cheaper rates. Are you looking for affordable data plans? You will find some of the best unlimited data plans on smaller networks. The services’ quality is just as good as the larger networks because the smaller ones often utilise the larger ones’ infrastructure in exchange for a fee.
Compare sim-only deals in 2021
If you are looking for a cheap sim-only deal, Three offers a 12-month sim-only contract at the rate of 8 pounds per month. The contract allows unlimited texts and calls along with 12GB of 5G data. On the other hand, Vodafone is offering 15GB of 4G data with unlimited minutes and texts at the rate of 10 pounds per month. Both of these are 12-month contracts. If you are looking for a one-month contract, we’d recommend you to consider SMARTY. SMARTY offers a sim-only one-month deal at the rate of 10 pounds per month and allows 30GB of 4G data along with unlimited texts and minutes. If you need a greater allowance of data, you can consider switching to a sim-only deal by Virgin Mobile, which offers 36GB of 5G data as well as unlimited minutes and texts. Moreover, all of this is available at a rate of 13 pounds per month. On a data-only sim, you can find the cheapest unlimited data plans.
What size of sim card do I need (Sim cards comparison)?
Combi sim
A combination sim is the one that comes in standard size and is breakable into smaller sizes. It depends on the sim card size of your phone.
Standard sim
Standard sim is larger than the other types of sims, and it is a comparatively older trend. It cannot be used in most of the new phones.
Micro sim
In specific iPhone models, LG, Samsung, you many times find Micro sim cards. The size of a micro sim is smaller than the standard sim but larger than a Nano sim.
A Nano-sim is the smallest yet most common sim size. Most of the new handsets use nano sims’ sizes. The iPhone X sim card is an example of a nano sim.
Will a sim-only deal improve my credit rating?
A sim-only deal can improve your credit rating, but it is only possible if you regularly pay and on time.
Will, there be a credit check, and what are the consequences in case of failure?
There are usually no credit checks for small sim contracts, but if you are signing up for a 12 months’ plan, there will be a credit check, and the network might not allow you to enter the contract if you fail. Alternatively, you can go for a short-term contract or get a pay-as-you-go sim-only deal.
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