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Tailor a comprehensive set of market insights and information to address your needs with pricing and analytics, indices and exchange data in a secure, flexible connection. Our data solutions cover a broad range of asset classes, delivered securely to help you address your investing, trading, compliance and risk management requirements.
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Identify opportunities, make informed decisions and execute quickly
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Manage risk, measure process effectiveness and help achieve regulatory compliance
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Unmatched technology and integration tools to facilitate efficient data management
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Pricing & Analytics
Enhance your intraday, real-time decision making
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Enhance your benchmarking and performance measurement process
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Reference Data
Manage risk, help meet compliance requirements and maximize operational efficiency
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Comprehensive cross-asset services covering the trading lifecycle
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Exchange Data
Leverage scalable, flexible access to unique data from ICE and NYSE’s exchanges
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Help achieve regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiencies
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Data Delivery
Effectively integrate connectivity and desktops solutions for efficient access to market data
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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) Data
Better understand and manage ESG risks and opportunities that exist in the market
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