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Meet our Review Board members and learn more about our process
Investopedia's high quality content is written by experts and fact checked to ensure that our readers are receiving the most accurate and timely information. The Financial Review Board takes our commitment to accuracy one step further. Composed of professionals with a wide range of expertise in the financial industry, the review board includes university professors, certified financial planners, certified public accountants, entrepreneurs, analysts, economists, investors, and tax experts. Members of the board read, review, and provide updates on our content to our editorial team so that the readers of Investopedia can feel empowered to make smarter financial decisions with the most accurate information.
Who Is On The Board?
The Financial Review Board includes experts with more than 100 years of combined financial experience, across every facet of the economy and personal finances. These experts were carefully selected based on their credentials and ability to communicate complex information to a broad readership to ensure our articles are empowering, unbiased, accurate, and inclusive.
Somer Anderson
Assistant Dean—Accounting, Finance, & Economics and Assistant Professor—Accounting & Finance
Somer G. Anderson, Ph.D., CPA, has been working in the accounting and finance industries for over 20 years as a financial statement auditor, a finance manager in a large healthcare organization, and a finance and accounting professor. She has a passion for increasing the financial literacy of American consumers and has published her related research in peer-reviewed publications such as the Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Services Review, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, and Family of Consumer Sciences Research Journal. Somer is an assistant professor in accounting and finance at Maryville University where her balance of industry experience, research, and service brings depth to her teaching and allows her to extrapolate teaching moments from real business events.
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Anthony Battle
Certified Financial Planner
Anthony Battle is a financial planning expert, entrepreneur, dedicated life long learner and a recovering Wall Street professional. He has been working in the finance industry for 15+ years and is a fierce advocate for including financial literacy as a basic educational requirement in public education. Anthony is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. He has earned the Chartered Financial Consultant® designation for advanced financial planning, the Chartered Life Underwriter® designation for advanced insurance specialization, the Accredited Financial Counselor® for Financial Counseling and both the Retirement Income Certified Professional®, and Certified Retirement Counselor designations for advance retirement planning.
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Michael J Boyle
Strategic Initiatives Analyst
Michael Boyle is an experienced financial professional with more than 9 years working with financial planning, derivatives, equities, fixed income, project management, and analytics. Highlights from his career in the securities industry include implementing firm-wide technology migrations, conducting education for financial planners, becoming a subject matter expert on regulatory changes, and trading a variety of derivatives. Chartered Leadership Fellow at the American College of Financial Services, he coached and supervised financial planners on making suitable recommendations of complex financial products.
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Thomas Brock
Thomas J. Brock is a Certified Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant with more than two decades of experience in a variety of corporate and individual settings. In a corporate setting, he oversees a $4 billion insurance portfolio that includes $650 million in life insurance assets, facilitates investment risk assessments, formulates asset allocation recommendations, manages relationships with external advisors and money managers, and ensures compliance. In personal settings, Thomas has provided financial planning and investment management services to individuals. In those roles, he's offered retirement plans, investment policies, and in-depth education on asset classes, investment strategies, personal finance topics, insurance, and annuities.
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Sharre A. Brooks
Sharre is an attorney, senior certified human resources professional, professor, and certified FINRA arbitrator. Sharre has multi-industry experience including: healthcare, academia, government, and digital strategy companies. For more than 10 years, Sharre has worked on many aspects of human resources and employment law including: negotiating union labor contracts, designing health insurance plans, responding to litigation and government audits, and managing continuity in pay and benefits in mergers & acquisitions. Sharre has been an adjunct instructor in undergraduate, MPA, and MBA programs at Georgetown, Bowie State, and Webster Universities. Sharre is a FINRA arbitrator; a hearing officer who makes decisions in federal securities related disputes. She is also an advocate for investor education to help investors make informed decisions about investments and investment professionals.
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JeFreda R. Brown
Founder and CEO of Xaris Financial Enterprises
Dr. JeFreda R. Brown is a financial consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and researcher. She has more than 20 years of professional finance experience across federal, nonprofit, corporate, and academic sectors. In addition to her experience across multiple sectors, she has served as a professor and facilitator for courses at Cornell University, University of Alabama Birmingham, and Indiana Wesleyan University. She has taught courses in corporate finance, personal finance, financial accounting, and managerial accounting, and she facilitates Cornell's Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. JeFreda holds a doctorate in business administration from Walden University.
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Thomas J. Catalano
Financial Advisor
Thomas J. Catalano is a CFP and Registered Investment Adviser with the state of South Carolina. He holds an MBA from PACE University and completed his education in financial planning at NYU. Thomas has worked for Merrill Lynch and NMS Capital Advisors. In those positions, Thomas worked with individuals and companies to assess their financial situation and create a comprehensive plan to achieve their financial goals. Thomas currently owns his own advisory firm, Hilton Head Wealth Advisors. His daily client services include portfolio management and ongoing guidance on which financial strategies, insurance products, and savings vehicles are most appropriate based on individual client goals.
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Amilcar Chavarria
CEO, FinTech School
Amilcar Chavarria is a FinTech and blockchain entrepreneur with over a decade of experience launching companies. He currently teaches at major Universities like Cornell, Wharton, and MIT and advises governments, financial institutions, regulators, and startups. He’s also held management roles at Goldman Sachs and BlackRock. As the founder of FinTech School and instructor at various universities, Amilcar has trained over 20,000 students in his academic career in topics related to FinTech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, and Innovation.
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Marguerita Cheng
Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Global Wealth
Marguerita M. Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth. Prior to co-founding Blue Ocean Global Wealth, Marguerita was a Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial and an Analyst and Editor at Towa Securities in Tokyo, Japan. Marguerita is a spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign and a regular columnist for Kiplinger. She is a CFP® professional, a Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM, a Retirement Income Certified Professional®, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.
Marguerita studied at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, and earned her B.S. in Finance and her B.A. in East Asian Language and Japanese Literature from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a recipient of the Ameriprise Financial Presidential Award for Quality of Advice and the prestigious Japanese Monbukagakusho Scholarship.
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Doretha Clemon
Senior Project Executive
Doretha Clemons, Ph.D., MBA, PMP, has been a corporate IT executive and professor for 34 years. She is a Real Estate Investor and principal at Bruised Reed Housing Real Estate Trust, a State of Connecticut Home Improvement License holder.  She advises on real estate wealth building for retirement, home buying, consumer debt, credit repair, HUD/FHA, VA and USDA mortgage funding programs with down payment assistance and tax savings on properties in HUD opportunity zones and enterprise zones.  Certified by the State of California to teach Accounting and Finance, she is an adjunct professor at Connecticut State Colleges & Universities, Maryville University and Indiana Wesleyan University.
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Amy Drury
Investment Banking Instructor
Amy Drury is an accomplished financial educator with nearly two decades of experience teaching training financial professionals in accounting, business management, analysis, financial modeling, and asset management. Her clients include Wall Street firms and educational institutions: JP Morgan, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Columbia University, Tulane University, and Wake Forest University. Some of the topics that Amy has taught include accounting, financial modeling, valuation techniques, IRFS accounting, merger modeling, and financial analysis. In addition to teaching clients through classes and workshops, Amy has been a contributing writer for multiple publications, online learning curricula, and accounting and investment banking textbooks.

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Eric Estevez
Eric is an Independent Insurance Broker, licensed in Life, Health, Property & Casualty insurance. His time is spent helping his client base prepare for the unexpected.  His background in tax accounting has served as a solid base supporting his current book of business.  Eric primarily services the NJ area, though he is licensed in several other states. Eric is passionate about financial education, entrepreneurship, and balancing a healthy mindset toward business. He has been working as a business professional 13+ years, whether that be in accounting or insurance. He is committed to understanding the needs of his clients, while educating them so they are able to understand the products that will protect them when needed most. Eric's specialities include life insurance, business insurance, and home insurance.
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Akhilesh Ganti
Commodity Trading Advisor
Akhilesh Ganti, who is registered as a commodity trading advisor (CTA) and listed as a principal of ArctosFX LLC, has traded the financial markets for over 20 years. He has experienced both sides of the “market maker/price taker” dynamic that defines a market. As senior risk manager at FX Solutions LLC, he effectively deployed strategies to mitigate “market maker” risk. His current role, as a CTA, is that of a "price taker." He is directly responsible for all trading, risk, and money management decisions made at ArctosFX LLC.
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Doug Heller
Insurance Expert, Consumer Federation of America
Douglas Heller is a nationally recognized and frequently cited insurance expert. During more than two decades of work on public policy and regulatory matters related to insurance, he has advised consumer rights organizations, led regulatory challenges to insurance company rates and practices, served as a consulting expert in litigation, and authored numerous reports about the insurance industry. His work has saved policyholders billions of dollars on insurance premiums and helped curb unfair insurance pricing practices. He also serves as a member of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance, as an appointed member of the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP) Advisory Committee, and as a member of the executive committee of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.
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Ebony Howard
CPA, Intuit Credentialed Tax Expert, Senior Accountant
Ebony Howard is a certified public accountant and a credentialed tax expert with Intuit. Her impressive resume includes accounting positions at health care, banking, and accounting firms. In addition to her work with companies, Ebony's role as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor allows her to help individuals work through their tax returns. In the past, Ebony served as a tax preparer for the IRS' Voluntary Income Tax Assitance program.
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Margaret James
Accounting and Financial Professional
Peggy James is a CPA with over 9 years of experience in accounting and finance, including corporate and nonprofit environments. She has a wide variety of experience that includes budgeting, journal entries, bank reconciliations, expense management, human resources, and payroll. She has also conducted personal finance training for several hundred undergraduate college students and over one hundred faculty and staff. She most recently worked at Duke University and is the owner of Peggy James, CPA, PLLC, serving small businesses, nonprofits, solopreneurs, freelancers, and individuals.
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Robert C. Kelly
Managing Director
Robert Kelly has an illustrious career as a business executive, economics expert, and investment expert. He has held executive positions at energy businesses for more than three decades. He is an executive professor of finance at the Texas A&M Mays Business School, and serves as an adjunct energy economics instructor of economics at the University of Houston and Rice University. Robert's investment experience includes roles as a lead or co-lead on more than a dozen projects in which he has raised more than $4.5 billion from investors and commercial banks.
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Khadija Khartit
Investment Advisor
Khadija Khartit holds FINRA 7, 63, and 66 licenses and is an accomplished consultant, executive, and entrepreneur with deep expertise in banking, corporate finance, investing, credit cards, and general business matters. She is a strategy consultant and M&A advisor at fintech KoreFusion, and serves as investment officer at Aghaz Investments. Additionally, she teaches fintech and entrepreneurship at Cornell University and Brandeis University. Khadija is a Fulbright scholar and holds master's degrees in finance and business administration.
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David Kindness
CPA, Senior Accountant, Tax Expert
David is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and an expert in the fields of corporate financial accounting, individual & corporate tax strategy, and financial statement preparation and analysis. During his 6+ year career, David has assisted complex multimedia, manufacturing, rental & realty, and digital marketing companies in the development and management of their budgeting, accounting, finance, and tax strategies to ensure the financial growth and operational success of the businesses. He has also worked with thousands of individual, corporate, nonprofit, and trust and estate clients in the planning, preparation, and execution of tax strategies designed to minimize tax burden and increase wealth retention. David has assisted numerous individuals with retirement planning and long-term investing strategies to preserve and grow wealth.
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Julius Mansa
CFO Consultant and Finance and Accounting Professor
Julius Mansa is a CFO consultant, finance professor, and U.S. Department of State Fulbright research awardee in the field of financial technology with over 15 years of experience in financial and operations management. Julius' business experience is dynamic and includes leading the finance, operations , and management teams of companies in multiple industries which include real estate, logistics, financial services, and non-profit organizations. As an academic, Julius spends his time lecturing on topics in accounting and corporate finance. Outside of academia, Julius is the Managing Partner and lead CFO consultant of MaxPoint Advisors, which is a financial business partner for medium-sized companies that need strategic and senior-level advisory services on how to grow their companies and become more profitable.
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Cierra Murry
Cierra is the Founder and CEO of Murry Consulting which provides banking compliance, credit risk management, and loan review services to various financial institutions. She has expertise in reviewing securities-based, premium financing, asset-based, cash flow, small business, middle market, corporate, and institutional transactions. In addition, she provides loan signing services ensuring borrowers have completed their loan documentation properly. She also serves as a FINRA non-public arbitrator resolving securities-related disputes that involve investors and brokerage firms.
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Charles Potters
Financial Educator
Charles is a nationally recognized capital markets specialist and educator who has spent the last three decades developing in-depth training programs for burgeoning financial professionals. He has spent over three decades as a financial educator, where he developed specialized classes for investors, traders, IT executives, legal/compliance officers, and various types of specialized operations groups. These classes have included topics concerning the real-world issues revolving every day in the worlds of equities, fixed income and derivatives, as well as discussing and dissecting economics, market intelligence, and the ever-changing effects that technology has in those markets.
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Troy Prince
Founder & CEO
Troy is a 20-year institutional equity and prop trading veteran turned Vietnam Angel Investor, now nonprofit Founder/CEO and social entrepreneur. He has spent significant time abroad working for both American and international Investment Banks, always in trading.
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Erika Rasure
Assistant Professor of Business & Finance
Erika Rasure, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Business and Finance at Maryville University. She is an expert in personal financial planning and practices as a financial therapist. She has spent the past six years teaching and has included FinTech in personal finance courses and curriculum since 2017, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Globally-recognized as a leading cryptocurrency subject matter expert and educator, she helped create a FinTech curriculum track within the Management and Information Systems degree plan at Maryville University, where she developed and teaches the Digital Assets course.
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Brandon Renfro
Financial Planner and Assistant Professor of Finance
Brandon is a financial planner, wealth manager, and assistant professor of finance with a wide breadth of knowledge about taxes, retirement, and financial planning. Brandon is a Certified Financial Planner, Retirement Income Certified Professional, Enrolled Agent, and an assistant professor of finance at East Texas Baptist University. He earned a doctorate in finance from Hampton University. Brandon owns his own financial and retirement planning firm, through which he applies his expertise to daily conversations about investing, taxes, and financial planning.
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Charlene Rhinehart
CPA, Author, and Speaker
Charlene Rhinehart is a certified public accountant, Chair of the Illinois CPA Society Individual Tax Committee, one of Practice Ignitions Top 50 Women in Accounting, and an accomplished speaker and author. In addition to her accounting experience, Charlene has a real estate license and is the founder of Wealth Women Daily, a website that provides actionable advice to help women start investing. Charlene has a degree in accounting and finance from DePaul University.
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Pamela Rodriguez
Founder and CEO
Pamela Rodriguez is a Certified Financial Planner®, Series 7 and 66 license holder, with 10 years of experience in Financial Planning and Retirement Planning. She is the founder and CEO of Fulfilled Finances LLC, the Social Security Presenter for AARP, the Treasurer for the Financial Planning Association of NorCal. Through Fulfilled Finances, she currently serves about 60 families, individuals and businesses. She is currently enrolled in the CIMA® program at the University of Chicago Booth Business School. Through her participation with the Association of Financial Educators, she is able to help hundreds of employees understand difficult topics and feel confident about their personal finances and retirement.
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Tyrone Ross
Financial Advisor
Tyrone is the founder 401stc, and Director of Community at Altruist where he also hosts the Human Advisor Podcast.
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Gordon Scott
Gordon Scott has been an active investor and has provided education to individual traders and investors for over 20 years. He is a licensed broker, an active trader, and proprietary day trader. He was the managing director for the Chartered Market Technician (CMT)® program offered by the CMT Association. 
Gordon had an additional seven years of experience as a trading coach at Beacon Learning Group. Gordon's career also includes 10-years with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), where he developed instructional materials and business process refinement. He also was an Adjunct Instructor at Brigham Young University–Organizational Strategy and Leadership department.
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Michelle P. Scott
Michelle P. Scott is a New York attorney with extensive experience and expertise in taxation, corporate governance, financial and nonprofit law, and federal and state government relations. She has practiced tax law with private law firms in Washington, D.C. and New York City and served as legislation counsel for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. Congress. For almost two decades, she was Vice President andCorporate Counsel of an international financial services firm, responsible for significant investment transactions and tax planning. She also has served as General Counsel of operating nonprofits engaged in conservation, healthcare and insurance research, and international development, and has written and lectured extensively.
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Samantha Silberstein
Financial Consultant/Financial Wellness Coach
Samantha Silberstein is a financial consultant and financial literacy coach. She is a Certified Financial Planner currently based out of Northern California. She provides financial education and advice through hundreds of personal sessions, customized workshops and personalized webinars. Her day-to-day is filled with 1-on-1 conversations about 401ks/403bs, ERISA guidelines, IRAs, student loans, tracking spending, creating budgets, debt repayment strategies, pretax/Roth contributions/savings, and other non-retirement saving options/vehicles.
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Andy Smith
Financial Planner and Realtor
Andy Smith is a self-employed consultant, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), licensed realtor and “pracademic” (combining practical experience and the ability to teach those concepts). He has 35+ years of diverse experience across federal, corporate and academic sectors; and is an expert on personal finance and investing, corporate finance and real estate. After advancing through the ranks from analyst to CFO, Andy shifted gears to academia and working with students and clients one-on-one. At heart he is an educator, and enjoys assisting clients in meeting their financial goals, no matter how large or small their resources. 
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Chip Stapleton
Financial Analyst
Chip Stapleton is a Series 7 and Series 66 license holder, CFA Level 1 exam holder, and currently holds a Life, Accident, and Health License in Indiana. He has 8 years experience in finance, from financial planning and wealth management to corporate finance and FP&A. He has experience with case design, product knowledge, investment analysis, investment recommendation, portfolio construction, asset management, financial statement analysis, business planning, and business exit strategies.
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Lea D. Uradu
Lea Uradu, J.D. is graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law, a Maryland State Registered Tax Preparer, State Certified Notary Public, Certified VITA Tax Preparer, IRS Annual Filing Season Program Participant, Tax Writer and Founder of L.A.W. Tax Resolution Services. Lea has worked with hundreds of federal individual tax clients and expat tax clients. Lea is also a contributing member (weekly) of Millionacres, where she writes about tax law as it relates to real estate. 
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Ethan Vera
Co-Founder at Luxor and Viridi Funds
Ethan Vera is an entrepreneur and builder in the cryptocurrency mining ecosystem, co-founding Luxor Technology and Viridi Funds. Luxor is a mining software and services company that works with institutional mining farms. Luxor is one of the largest mining pools globally, mining a few percent of the Bitcoin network. In addition, Luxor is responsible for the mining data website, In 2021, Ethan helped cofound Viridi Funds, a crypto mining-focused investment manager. Viridi Funds launched their first product a few months later, a crypto mining ETF.
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Peter Westfall
Peter Westfall is a professor of statistics at Texas Tech University. Professor of statistics at Texas Tech University. He has more than 30 years of statistics experience including teaching, research, writing, and consulting. He specializes in using statistics in investing, technical analysis, and trading. He achieved Associate, Full, and Horn Professor ranks at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University, as well as honorary fellowships in learned societies. He has also received several awards for his statistical writings, including a Distinguished Technical Communication award from the Carolina Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.
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