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Thank you for visiting the Internal Revenue Service's website, an official United States Government System, and reviewing our privacy policy. Our privacy policy explains how we handle the personally identifiable information (PII) that you provide to us when you visit us online to browse, obtain information, or conduct a transaction. PII includes information that is personal in nature and which might be used to identify you. The IRS uses this website to provide information about IRS services and programs. This website includes specific applications which provide more services or enable us to respond to specific questions from website visitors.
We won't collect personal information about you just because you visit this Internet site. Some applications on this website provide you with the opportunity to order forms, ask questions requiring a response, sign up for electronic newsletters, participate in focus groups and customer surveys, or learn the status of filed returns or anticipated payments. Using these services is voluntary and may require that you provide additional personal information to us. Providing the requested information implies your consent for us to use this data in order to respond to your specific request.
IRS Privacy Policy Overview
Information we may collect
Why we collect personal information
How we use your personal information
Your privacy rights
Privacy policy topics
Meeting Recordings
Privacy Compliance
Privacy and civil liberty impact assessments (PCLIA)
System of records notice (SORN)
Computer matching agreements
Publicly-available privacy reports
Privacy Act implementation rules and exemptions
IRS Privacy Program Plan
Privacy Act Requests
How to write a Privacy Act request
Privacy Complaints
What is a privacy complaint?
Before you submit a privacy complaint
Where to write
IRS Privacy Policy Topics
Report Phishing
Identity Theft Central
Safeguards Program
Privacy Impact Assessments - PIA
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