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Indiana University Northwest is brimming with amazing students, just like you, who come from all walks of life. We are proud to be the most diverse IU campus.
While the majority of our students arrive as freshman after graduating from high school, not everyone is a traditional student. Thirty percent of our students are over the age of 25, and many are beginning college for the first time or returning to it after years in the workforce or another educational institution.
Determine Your Applicant Type Below
Future Freshmen
You expect to graduate from high school during the current school year or have earned a High School Equivalency Diploma (GED)/Core 40 Diploma. You may also have some college credit (but no more than 12 hours).
Undergraduate How to Apply
Undergraduate Apply Now
Transfer Students
You have earned more than 12 credit hours at a non-Indiana University campus and would like to pursue a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate certificate.
Transfer How to Apply
Transfer Apply Now
Admitted Students
You have received an acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions. Congratulations! Declare your intent and complete the next steps for enrollment.

Next Steps
Adult Students
You are a high school graduate who graduated at least one year ago (maybe even more) and have since earned no more than 12 credit hours at any educational institution.
Adult How to Apply
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Intercampus Applicants
You are currently attending or have previously attended another Indiana University campus within the past 12 months as a degree-seeking student.
Intercampus How to Apply
 Temporary Transfer Apply Now
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Graduate Applicants
You have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and would like to pursue a master's degree. Those seeking a post-graduate certificate must complete the future freshmen application.
Graduate How to Apply
Graduate Apply Now for Winter 2021 - Fall 2022
Returning Students
You previously attended IU Northwest or another IU campus at any time. To see the different scenarios for returning students, click on "Returning How to Apply".
Returning How to Apply
Returning Apply Now
High School Students
You are a college-bound junior or senior seeking opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school.
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Ivy Tech Students
You currently attend an Ivy Tech Lake County campus and would like to transfer to IU Northwest.
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International Applicants
You are a citizen of a country other than the United States and wish to pursue a degree at IU Northwest. You may have completed some or all of your education abroad.
International How to Apply
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Guest Students
You want to enroll for a limited time and do not plan to pursue a degree. For example, you may be taking a class for personal interest, or currently attending another educational institution. You may also be preparing for a future degree or career move.
Guests How to Apply
Guests Apply Now
You will learn from a faculty of leading experts and award-winning educators.
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