AICE Publications
Arab Funding of American Universities
Donors, Recipients and Impact
Donors, Recipients and Impact
Author: Mitchell Bard
Release: November 2020
Myths & Facts:
A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The most comprehensive and informative book explaining the intracacies of the Arab-Israeli Conflict throughout history
Author: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: January 2016
Israel and the Campus:
The Real Story
Facts and Fiction Regarding the Spread of Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel Sentiments on University Campuses in the United States
Authors: Mitchell G. Bard, Jeff Dawson
Release: October 2012
The Israel Briefing Book
The Complete Overiew for Everything You Need to Know About Israel for 2012 and beyond, Including a Virtual Israel Tour
Editor: Elie Berman
Release: January 2012
The Israel Studies Anthology
Pedagogy of Studies and Articles Covering Every Aspect of Israeli History and Society Written Exclusively for AICE by Israeli Scholars
Editors: Mitchell G. Bard, David Nachmias
Release: January 2012
On One Foot
A Middle East "Guide for the Perplexed", or How to Respond on your way to class when your best friend joins an anti-Israel protest
Author: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: December 2008
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Tenured or Tenuous
Defining the Role of Faculty in Supporting Israel on Campus
Editor: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: May 2004
Good Medicine
Israeli Innovations in Health Care that Could Benefit Americans
Author: Barbara Swirski
Release: 1999
Building Bridges
Lessons For America From Novel Israeli Approaches To Promote Coexistence
Author: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: 1997
Breakthrough Dividend
Israeli Innovations In Biotechnology  That Could Benefit Americans
Author: Dr. Irwin M. Asher
Editor: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: 1995
Experience Counts
Innovative Programs For The Elderly in Israel That Can Benefit Americans
Authors: Jenny Brodsky, Eileen Kaplan, Tamara Bar
Editor: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: 1995
Learning Together
Israeli Innovations in Education That Could Benefit Americans
Author: A. Harry Passow
Editor: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: 1995
Partners for Change
How U.S. - Israel Cooperation Can Benefit America
Author: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: 1993
History in Textbooks
Study of anti-Israel Bias and Factual Inaccuracies in 18 Widely Used World & American History Textbooks
Author: Mitchell G. Bard
Release: December 1993

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