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August, 2021-October, 2021
Virtual Author Program: Derecka Purnell, author of “Becoming Abolitionists”
August 31, 2021-October 29, 2021
Date: Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Zoom: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83828489169
Event: Derecka Purnell, author of Becoming Abolitionists: Police, Protests, and the Pursuit of Freedom.
Activity: Author conversation with journalist Josie Duffy Rice
Harvard educated lawyer Derecka Purnell discusses the lessons learned from Ferguson to South Africa, from Reconstruction to contemporary protests against police shootings. Her book invites readers to envision new systems that work to address the root causes of violence. Becoming Abolitionists calls for a commitment to create and support different answers to the problem of harm in society, and an opportunity to reduce and eliminate harm in the first place. She will be in conversation with journalist Josie Duffy Rice.
October, 2021-December, 2021
Professional Learning With The Presidential Libraries
Education - Teacher Resources EducationEducation - Professional Development October 6, 2021-December 1, 2021
The Carter Library is proud to join the Hoover and Truman Libraries in support of the University of Central Florida Lou Frey Institute’s Professional Learning With the Presidential Libraries series. These professional development programs will provide educators with lucrative resources to share with their students in understanding how our nation’s highest office has responded to domestic and international crises. To connect with these conversations, please complete the Online Registration Form.
October 6th, 4:00pm EST
Join Joshua Montanari, Education Specialist for the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum for his session:
Going to the Sources: Jimmy Carter and the Camp David Accords
On September 17, 1978 agreements between Israel and Egypt were signed at Camp David, leading to a peace treaty between the two countries the following year that remains intact today. This webinar will assist educators in contextualizing the circumstances of the Camp David Accords through the lens of U.S. History, American Civics and the primary sources of the Carter Library and National Archives.
November 3rd, 4:00pm EST
Join Elizabeth Dinschel, Archivist and Education Specialist for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Museum for her session:
The Bonus March: How to Teach History with a Civics Lesson
In 1932, World War I veterans boarded freight trains from Portland, Oregon, to Washington, DC, to lobby Congress for early payment of a bonus that was scheduled to be paid in 1945. On July 28th, 1932, the police, and later the military, put down a riot made up of nearly 60,000 Bonus Marchers. This webinar will show how to blend primary sources, historic narrative, and civics into an inquiry arc using the Bonus March.
December 1st, 4:00pm EST
Join Mark Adams, Education Director for the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum for his session:
Presidential Power: Truman and the Steel Crisis
During the Korean War, President Truman faced a dilemma. The steel industry mill owners and workers could not agree on wages and price controls. A strike seemed inevitable. Truman was concerned that a lack of steel during the Korean War would hinder the war effort. Truman reacted by seizing the steel mills and this led to a constitutional crisis. This event in American history involves all three branches of government and is a case study of presidential overreach.
The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library is part of the presidential libraries system administered by the National Archives and Records Administration, a federal agency.

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