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Our role in open access
Working towards global open access, in partnership with information professionals and researchers, we enable the UK's academic research community to realise the rewards of open access.
Publication lifecycle
How Jisc’s open access services support the publication lifecycle
Assessing which journal to submit a paper to, with reference to the OA policies of both relevant research funders and the journals themselves.
Select journal
Check compliance
The decision by a journal to publish a paper, relevant to both the Research Excellence Framework, OA policy, and potentially the payment of an OA fee.
Manage costs
Deposit in repository
Formal release of the published version of the paper in the journal, enabling it to be discovered and accessed via the publisher’s platform if Gold OA. The date from which embargo periods is also calculated.
Report on compliance
Maximise impact
Discovery, access and use, including the use of text-mining tools. Downloads are events that can be aggregated and monitored to inform researchers and managers.
Record impact
Report impact to funders
Guidance, consultancy, technical support, and OA good practice
We provide online advice, bespoke guidance and technical support, as well as facilitating sharing of good practice.
Click here for a thematic view of Jisc's open access services
Our offer
By using our open research services, information professionals and researchers save time and money and achieve greater reach for their research.
Our services provide user-friendly and cost-effective ways to automate workflows, assess compliance, share good practice, carry out benchmarking and influence third parties such as publishers and funders.
Acting for and with the higher education sector, we are easing the move to open access.
Policy and engagement
Our work is developed in line with UK government, funding councils and research funders' policies.
We have engaged with open access policy for many years, both in the UK and more widely. Our work continues, in order to ensure that the OA policy environment offers the maximum benefit with minimum burden for institutions and researchers.
Our current work in OA policy
Our previous work in OA policy
Jisc Collections: negotiating a transition to open access
Jisc Collections is supporting higher education with the transition to open access through the negotiation of transitional (transformative) OA agreements which allow 100% of UK output to be published OA in accordance with UK funder policies, along with the development of an OA e-book strategy.
Requirements for transitional open access agreements
Approach to negotiations
Wellcome-compliant agreements
We have prepared guidance to support institutions, publishers and funders engaging with us in this work.
Routes to open access
Our transitional agreements aim to convert subscription expenditure into a publishing fund that makes all research output OA on publication, whilst maintaining access to any paywalled content. These agreements also ensure that researchers can continue to publish in hybrid (subscription) journals during the Plan S transition period.
More information
Current transitional agreements
Native open access publishers
Our agreements with OA publishers fulfil several of our objectives. With established publishers our agreements seek cost savings and workflow efficiencies. Agreements with new publishers allow institutions to support and promote alternative and innovative publication venues and formats.
Current native open access publisher agreements
Compliant green
We require publishers to provide a Green OA option that complies with funder policies, including CC-BY licensing). Some of our Green OA agreements provide the option to receive direct deposit of articles to institutional repositories via Publications Router.
Current compliant green open access agreements
Other agreement types
Some of our agreements are based on a collective action/supporter membership model. These agreements enable institutions to support the running costs of disciplinary tools and invest in new open access publishers for the benefit of the whole scholarly community.
Some agreements are based on the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model.
Subscribe to Open
As OA via S2O depends on participation by enough institutions to reach a subscription target, agreements may also include a compliant green option for funded authors.
Below is a registry of our current collective action agreements and supporting institutions.
Open Library of Humanities
Monitoring open access
We collect data to monitor the effectiveness and administrative implications of OA agreements and use this evidence to inform our negotiation objectives.
Each year we invite UK universities to submit their APC data using the standard UKRI and Wellcome OA reporting template (.xlsx). This data provides hard evidence of the state of the UK APC market.
We recommend global open access compliance standards for publishers. Read more on the scholarly communications blog.
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