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Learning and research resources
Supporting teachers, students, researchers, librarians and resource managers
Vocational learning resources
Engaging resources and activities for the FE sector, supporting future employment demands and NVQ/SVQ/VRQ and T-level subject areas
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Construction training
Digital resources that use gamification to appeal to different learning styles, mapped to construction curricula.
Digital and IT training
Interactive digital learning resources to support learning and teaching mapped to IT curricula across the UK. 
Education and childcare training
Engaging online learning and teaching resources mapped to education and childcare curricula. 
Health and social care training
Innovative online learning and teaching resources mapped to the health and social care curriculum.
Hairdressing Training
A free online service for hairdressing and barbering teachers and students.
Access to content
Access thousands of resources to use in your learning and research environment - from e-books and images to journals and texts - and make substantial savings through our group purchasing scheme.
Archives Hub
Search for archives held at over 300 UK institutions, and find out how to become a contributor.
e-books for FE
A collection of free e-books for all UK further education colleges.
Journal Archives
A single platform providing access to over 600 journal backfiles from eight publishers' archives.
Historical Texts
A single platform providing access to over 400,000 texts from four key collections.
Digital archival collections group purchasing scheme
Collectively lowering the cost of acquiring digital archival collections.
More than 100,000 videos, images, and sound recordings delivered to the UK FE and HE community.
Preservation New
Keep your digital assets and collections usable.
Virtual library New
Easily embed digital learning resources into your virtual learning environment (VLE).
Reading lists
Working in partnership with government, publishers and awarding organisations, we've developed downloadable spreadsheets for colleges to find relevant teaching and learning resources. 
National Skills Fund level 3 reading list.
Vocational learning reading list for Wales.
Angela Leavens
Head of learning resources and e-learning, Strode College
"I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy that number of e-books if I was buying them from scratch"
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Negotiating on your behalf
We negotiate with publishers to procure and license affordable digital content for the UK education and research community.
Find out more about Jisc Collections.
Explore learning and research resources
Archives Hub
Construction training
Digital and IT training
Digital archival collections group purchasing scheme
Education and childcare training
Hairdressing Training
Health and social care training
Historical Texts
Journal Archives
Virtual library
Designing learning and assessment in a digital age
Making your digital collections easier to discover
Embedding blended learning in FE and skills
Demonstrating value and impact of digital resources in further education
Making your digital collections easier to discover
News and updates
Digital resources identified to support catch-up learners in Wales
Research England and Jisc launch groundbreaking free benchmarking tool for research
New digital teaching resources list supports National Skills Fund courses
Four ways to ready students for the workplace of the future
Learning and teaching content: requirements and reshaping the marketplace
Serving students in times of COVID is challenging for us librarians
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Cyber security
Data analytics
Libraries, learning resources and research
Student experience
Trust and identity
Advice and guidance
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