As a leader in scholarly publishing, the University of Chicago Press embraces its obligation to disseminate scholarship of the highest standard and to foster scholarly conversation within and across traditional disciplines. We believe there is no single way to distribute scholarly writing that serves all communities equally. To ensure that we meet the needs and norms of each of the many disciplines we serve, we have developed practices and policies around open and free access and author rights with the guidance of the editors and society sponsors of the journals we publish.
The University of Chicago Press supports green open access across its entire portfolio of journals.
Green open access refers to the ability of authors to self-archive their own work and make it freely available through institutional or disciplinary repositories. Authors may deposit either the published PDF of their article or the final accepted version of the manuscript after peer review (but not proofs of the article) in a non-commercial repository where it can be made freely available no sooner than twelve (12) months after publication of the article in the journal. If a shorter embargo period is required by government or funding body mandate, only the final accepted version of the manuscript may be released.
Authors may also post their article in its published form on their personal or departmental web, use their article in teaching or research presentations, provide single copies in print or electronic form to their colleagues, or republish their article in a subsequent work. For further information on how authors can reuse their published work, please consult The University of Chicago Press Guidelines for Journal Authors' Rights.
Gold open access, also called author-pays publication, allows authors to make the electronic version of their article freely available on the journal website, in perpetuity, for a fee, which may be paid by the author directly or by an institution or funding body. Select University of Chicago Press journals, listed below, allow authors to request gold open access, which is granted at the discretion of the editor. It is primarily provided for authors who have a funder that mandates this form of open access. For all other journals, please consult the journal editor.
Articles published as gold open access are made available under a CC BY-NC license, which allows for their non-commercial reuse. If a CC BY or other license is required by your funding body (as, for example, the UKRI), please notify the journal office. Articles published under a CC BY license are subject to an additional fee.
American Journal of Education
American Naturalist
American Political Thought
The Biological Bulletin
The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Bulletin of ASOR
The China Journal
Classical Philology
Comparative Education Review
Critical Inquiry
Current Anthropology
Economic Development and Cultural Change
Elementary School Journal
Freshwater Science
Getty Research Journal
HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory
History of Humanities
History of Religions
HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science
International Journal of American Linguistics
International Journal of Plant Sciences
The Journal of African American History
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
Journal of Cuneiform Studies
Journal of Human Capital
The Journal of Geology
Journal of Labor Economics
Journal of Law and Courts
The Journal of Modern History
Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Journal of Political Economy
The Journal of Politics
Journal of Religion
Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research
The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy
Modern Philology
National Tax Journal
The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America
Philosophy of Science
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology
The Quarterly Review of Biology
Renaissance Drama
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy
Social Service Review
Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual
Winterthur Portfolio: A Journal of American Material Culture
The Wordsworth Circle
Free issues and articles
Certain issues and articles published in University of Chicago Press journals may be made freely available, either following a particular policy of the journal or its sponsoring society or at the discretion of the editor or publisher. For example, articles in the Focus section of Isiswhich are designed to attract readers in all areas of the field by dealing with themes that cut across chronological boundaries, are always free. In addition, the following journals make each issue freely accessible after an embargo of two years: Environmental and Energy Policy and the Economy, NBER Macroeconomics Annualand Tax Policy and the Economy. All articles published more than 95 years ago, for which copyright has expired, are made available for free.

The following ceased titles are freely available on the University of Chicago Press Journals Division website: Innovation Policy and the Economy, the NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics, and the Supreme Court Economic Review.
Free issues and articles for a University of Chicago Press journal are identified by the 
 icon next to an issue in the list of issues, or an article in an issue’s Table of Contents.
Open-access journal
The University of Chicago Press publishes one open-access journal: Signs and Society.
Free-access journal
The University of Chicago Press publishes one free-access journal: HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory. This model provides one month of free access after the release of each new issue, and then requires a subscription for continuous access to content. All HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory content published from 2011–2017 is open access. 
Free access in developing nations 
The University of Chicago Press makes its complete portfolio of journals freely available to more than 5,000 qualified institutions in emerging nations throughout the world through the Chicago Emerging Nations Initiative (CENI).
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