Journal of Political Economy
Lead Editor: Magne Mogstad
Editors: Andrew Atkeson, Melissa Dell, Emir Kamenica, Greg Kaplan, John List, Lance Lochner, Magne Mogstad, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Azeem Shaikh, Chad Syverson
Volume 75,
Number 6 |
Dec., 1967
Volume Information
pp. iii–vi
First page
Front Matter
First page
[Photograph]: James Laurence Laughlin (1850-1933)
First page
James Laurence Laughlin (1850-1933)
John U. Nef
pp. 779–781
First page
Laissez Faire: Pro and Con
Frank H. Knight
pp. 782–795
First page
Inflation and Economic Growth
Miguel Sidrauski
pp. 796–810
First page
Empirical Evidence on the Incidence of the Corporation Income Tax
John G. Cragg, Arnold C. Harberger, and Peter Mieszkowski
pp. 811–821
First page
Wesley Clair Mitchell, J. Laurence Laughlin, and the Quantity Theory of Money
Abraham Hirsch
pp. 822–843
First page
Futures Markets, Buffer Stocks, and Income Stability for Primary Producers
Ronald I. McKinnon
pp. 844–861
First page
Costs and Returns for Two Years of Postsecondary Technical Schooling: A Pilot Study
Adger B. Carroll, and Loren A. Ihnen
pp. 862–873
First page
Marshall on Human Capital: A Note
Richard Blandy
pp. 874–875
First page
Primary Products and Economic Growth: A Comment
John H. Dales, John C. McManus, and Melville H. Watkins
pp. 876–880
First page
Primary Products and Economic Growth: Rejoinder
Edward J. Chambers, and Donald F. Gordon
pp. 881–885
First page
A More Conclusive Regional Test of the Heckscher-Ohlin Hypothesis
Edwin F. Estle
pp. 886–888
First page
Free Reserves, Vault Cash, and the Portfolio Behavior of Banks
Roy J. Ruffin
pp. 889–892
First page
The Annual Meetings
Harry G. Johnson
p. 893
First page
New Dimensions of Political Economy
Walter W. Heller
Gerhard Colm
pp. 894–895
First page
England's Quest of Eastern Trade
Sir William Foster
Gary M. Walton
pp. 895–896
First page
Politics, Economics, and the Public: Policy Outcomes in the American States
Thomas R. Dye
James M. Buchanan
pp. 896–897
First page
Transport Technology for Developing Regions: A Study of Road Transportation in Venezuela
Richard M. Soberman
Byron White
p. 897
First page
Invention and Economic Growth
Jacob Schmookler
Yoram Barzel
pp. 898–899
First page
Short Notices
pp. 900–908
First page
Books Received
pp. 909–914
First page
Back Matter
First page

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