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Ohio State University Press
Publisher Description
The Ohio State University Press was established in 1957 and currently publishes 50-60 new books a year. We specialize in literary and cultural studies, (including comics, narrative theory, Victorian studies, and medieval studies) American studies, rhetoric and communication, gender and sexuality studies, and race and ethnic studies (including Black studies and Latinx studies). We also acquire books in regional studies on our Trillium imprint, creative works, on our Mad Creek imprint, and linguistics. In addition to its books, the Press publishes a distinguished group of journals including Inks, the journal of the Comics Studies Society, American Periodicals, Victorians, North American Journal of Celtic Studies, and Narrative.
Adoption & Culture2007 - 2020
American Periodicals1991 - 2015
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking1969 - 2015
Narrative1993 - 2015
North American journal of Celtic studies2017 - 2020

Website: https://ohiostatepress.org/
1070 Carmack Road
Columbus, OH 43210-1002
Phone: 614.292.6930
Fax: 614.292.2065
Email: ohiostatepress@osu.edu
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