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Discover new avenues of research
Go beyond the usual sources. Discover new avenues of research and gain deeper understanding of your topics with original materials including artworks, photographs, publications, recordings, and other artifacts. Explore important and rare collections from libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies around the world.
  1. 1939 Rhode Island Architecture Exhibition
    Part of Fleet Library at RISD
    120 items
    The RISD Museum of Art held the Rhode Island Architecture exhibition 1939 …
  2. 19th Century British Pamphlets
    Part of JSTOR Primary Sources
    25,976 items
    Throughout the 19th century, pamphlets were an important means of public debate, …
  3. A Medical History of British India
    Part of National Library of Scotland
    468 items
    A Medical History of British India consists of official publications varying from …
  4. ART on FILE: Contemporary Architecture, Urban...
    Part of Artstor
    22,313 items
    Contemporary architecture, urban design and landscape architecture
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  5. Abby Williams Hill Collection (University of...
    Part of Artstor
    124 items
    Paintings and drawings, mostly landscape, by the Tacoma artist, activist and writer …
  6. Abernethy Collection of American Literature
    Part of Middlebury College
    655 items
    The Julian W. Abernethy Library of American Literature was bequeathed to Middlebury …
  7. Ackland Art Museum (University of North...
    Part of Artstor
    16,015 items
    Selections from the global permanent collection.
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  8. Ada Karmi-Melamede Architects
    Part of Artstor
    192 items
    Civic, industrial and private commissions by the contemporary Israeli architect
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  9. Aida Laleian: Architecture in Romania and Armenia
    Part of Artstor
    963 items
    Images of ancient and medieval churches, monasteries, and castles in Romania, and …
  10. Albright-Knox Art Gallery
    Part of Artstor
    2,089 items
    Selections from the encyclopedic permanent collection, notably postwar and contemporary art
    Learn …
  11. Alexander Adducci: Historical Scenic Design
    Part of Artstor
    2,849 items
    Late 19th and early 20th century scenic design in the United States …
  12. Alka Patel Archive: Afghanistan and Iran, Art...
    Part of Artstor
    4,792 items
    Architecture and objects from the regions (12th-19th century)
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  13. Alka Patel Archive: Cuban Art and Architecture
    Part of Artstor
    570 items
    Architecture in and around Havana, mostly colonial (16th-19th century)
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  14. Alka Patel Archive: South Asian Art and...
    Part of Artstor
    10,034 items
    Art and architecture from South Asia and Cuba
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  15. Allan Langdale: Cyprus Photographs
    Part of Artstor
    6,783 items
    Images of the historical architecture of Cyprus, focusing on the lesser-known and …
  16. Allegheny College Archives Digital Images...
    Part of Allegheny College
    806 items
  17. Allentown Band Photograph Collection
    Part of Muhlenberg College Special Collections & Archives
    175 items
    Trexler Library at Muhlenberg College has partnered with the historic Allentown Band …
  18. Alumni Association of the Philadelphia General...
    Part of University of Pennsylvania
    1,342 items
    The photo collection of the Alumnae Association of the Philadelphia General Hospital …
  19. American Council for Southern Asian Art (ACSAA)...
    Part of Artstor
    12,185 items
    Art and architecture from South and Southeast Asia
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  20. American Folk Art Museum
    Part of Artstor
    1,659 items
    Traditional folk art and works by contemporary self-taught artists from the museum's …
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