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Higher placement has its advantages. A Premium Membership for your profile in Justia and Legal Information Institute Lawyer Directories greatly improves your visibility.
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Premium placements increase visibility giving you more exposure. These placements appear above and within the free listings in the Justia and LII directories for heightened visibility. Premium Placements are featured for a practice area and all the related services throughout an entire metro area.
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Premium Members receive an upgraded profile with a contact form to make it easier to connect with potential clients. Competitor ads are also removed from the premium profile.
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As Premium Members, lawyers have the ability to view their traffic stats on the Justia & LII lawyer directories and legal portals. The report tracks the number of profile impressions and page views that lawyers receive across the Justia and LII properties.
I am extremely happy and pleased with the services. Thank you again--I feel so much better about my business after signing up. Things are moving in a direction that I did not think possible.
Marie-Yves Nadine Jean-Baptiste, The Saint Yves Law Firm
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The Justia and Legal Information Institute (LII) Lawyer Directories enable you to claim and complete a professional attorney profile for free in order to enhance your visibility on the Internet. By claiming your profile, you can increase your access to prospective clients and strengthen your reputation among your peers and in the legal community.
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