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Social development calls for critical reflection. This is a principle to which Kurt A. Körber felt bound both as a German and as a world citizen. The foundation established by him takes on this social challenge at a national and an international level.
Acting as an operating foundation, it develops and promotes programmes for which it retains full responsibility, while still remaining open to suggestions and cooperations. The aim of its work is to try out new ideas and methods and to transfer them to society. Körber-Stiftung seeks to encourage others to take initiative into their own hands.
22.11.2021 – News
New “The Berlin Pulse” survey: Germans view US again as a partner
From the perspective of the German public, transatlantic relations have been restored since the change of leadership in Washington. According to the latest survey of “The Berlin Pulse”, Körber-Stiftung’s annual foreign policy publication, 71 per cent of Germans describe the relationship between their country and the United States as good or very...
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22.11.2021 – News
Chances in Change: German Foreign Policy in an Era of Transformation
Held only months after the election, this year’s Berlin Forum on 23 November will offer exclusive insights into Germany’s foreign policy agenda in the post-Merkel era.
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15.11.2021 – News
In Solidarity with Memorial International
Körber-Stiftung is deeply concerned about Russian authorities’ latest legal initiative to shut down MEMORIAL International
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29.10.2021 – News
Background Discussion with Nitzan Horowitz
Nitzan Horowitz, Minister of Health of the State of Israel, shared his views on Israeli domestic and foreign policy during a "Background Discussion" with foreign policy decision-makers, including members of the German Bundestag, selected representatives of various ministries and experts from renowned think tanks.
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