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KD 183.8m loans, grants in 2020: KCB
14/02/2021 38
KUWAIT: Kuwait Credit Bank (KCB) said yesterday that the total of loans and grants disbursed from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 equaled KD 183.8 million (about $606.5 million). The entirety of real estate loans amounted to KD 116.8 million (roughly $385.4 million) and total loans of divorced women added up to KD 12.5 million ($41 million), KCB said in a statement.
Total loans of widows were KD 6.4 million ($21 million), while the whole number of loans for the loan portfolio reached KD 787,000 ($2.5 million), it added. Summation of social loans amounted to KD 24.9 million ($82 million), it said, mentioning that the total donations and grants added up to KD 22 million ($72.6 million) distributed over KD 12.5 million ($41 million) as social donations and KD 9.6 million ($31.6 million) granted to people with disabilities. – KUNA
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