Police probe Saad Al-Abdullah man’s death
14/11/2021 373
KUWAIT: Kuwait police opened an investigation in a man’s death after his body was found inside a house in Saad Al-Abdullah, the interior ministry said yesterday. Firemen had arrived at the scene in response to an emergency call and broke into the man’s room, where they found him dead. The body was taken to the coroner for an autopsy to reveal the cause of death, the ministry said, noting that investigations are ongoing in the case.
Meanwhile, a suicide probe was opened into the death of a man who allegedly hanged himself inside a holding cell at the interior ministry’s ruling implementation department’s building. A similar investigation was also opened in the death of a man who allegedly committed suicide by hanging in the garden of his Omariya house. In the meantime, a third case was reported in Salmiya where a man fell to his death from the fifth floor of a building in the area, and police are investigating the case as a suicide, according to local reports.
In other news, the residency affairs department deported 2,221 residency violators from October 1 to November 11, the interior ministry announced. Detectives also raided 22 fake domestic help offices and arrested 106 residents who were reported absconding. Meanwhile, traffic officers arrested 187 juveniles for driving without a license during crackdowns on November 6-12, the ministry said. Police also issued 24,358 citations during the campaign, while 80 violators were detained in the traffic department’s holding cell. A total of 32 vehicles were impounded during the same period.
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