Weekend negotiations could lead to new Kuwaiti Cabinet this week
30/11/2019 18
Several political blocs could possibly be included in new govt formation
KUWAIT: Official government sources said meetings and consultations held by HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah during the weekend resulted in shortening the waiting period for declaring his Cabinet formation, which is expected to be announced during the week. Meanwhile, some members of parliament said the formation will be delayed, which made the parliament suspend its sessions and not call for the regular Tuesday session.
Sources said Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled met some members of the ruling family and that ministers of foreign affairs, defense and interior were agreed upon. They said Sheikh Dr Ahmad Al-Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah is close to being named foreign minister, and it is not true that the post was offered to Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sabah as rumored on social media.
The sources said it is possible political blocs may be included in the new government, adding Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled offered ministerial posts to various political factions that are influential, including the Islamic Constitutional Movement, the Salaf Gathering, National Democratic Alliance and National Islamic Alliance. They said the blocs will be present in the government, but were not given the choice to nominate any person – rather Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled selected them.
New drugs
Ministry of Health (MOH) Assistant Undersecretary for Drug and Food Control Dr Abdullah Al-Bader said there will be a new procedure to register new drugs, allowing patients the opportunity to receive them as soon as they are released in global markets. Certain standards and specifications aim to hasten the evaluation of technical papers of the new drugs to obtain marketing approval as quickly as possible.
Bader said the new procedure gave the evaluation priority in three categories – innovative drugs made of new substances; unique medicine used for rare disease; and medicines that meet the shortage in medicinal needs. He said the new mechanism divides drugs categories into three levels, adding that the study period will not be more than 30 days for the first level of new medicines that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European medical authorities.
Bader said the study of the second level will be a maximum of 60 days for drugs that are approved by FDA and Europe, while the study period will not be more than 90 days if it is approved by any international control authority.
Physiotherapy ‘intruders’
Head of Kuwait Physiotherapy Society Hanaa Al-Khamees said there will be coordination with the social affairs ministry to find a mechanism to combat physiotherapy profession ‘intruders,’ which will include banning them from practicing and to take legal action against anyone who falsely claims to be a physiotherapy specialist to protect patients. Khamees said ministry undersecretary Abdelaziz Shuaib welcomed the mechanism and said it is important to stop “impostors” in this profession, adding special committees will be formed for this purpose.
By A Saleh
The new government
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