Policies and guidelines that support our work.
Ask a Librarian Guidelines
The scope of our service, chat accessibility, and statements on privacy and acceptable behavior.
Building Access Policy
Policies and procedures supporting our commitment to maintaining a quality study and research environment, protecting the rights of users, and sustaining the integrity of collections.
Collections Access Policy
Ways to use materials from the library.
Copyright Policy
Our practices around copyright generally, as well as license information for content on the library website.
Digital Repository Services Digital Preservation Policy
Decisions and commitments for content locally hosted in the digital repository services we manage.
Disaster Response and Recovery Plan for Library Collections
Instructions for responding to a library collection disaster with specifics for the U-M Ann Arbor campus.
Digital Scholarship Framework and Policy
How we deliver digital scholarship support to faculty, staff and students, and what we can mutually expect from our working relationship.
Library Privacy Statement
We may collect information about your library use to improve services and to integrate with broader university teaching and learning initiatives.
Remediation of Harmful Language in Library Metadata
We stand against marginalization, oppression, and bias in its many forms. One way we look to combat this is by addressing exclusionary descriptive collection metadata.
Retention and Withdrawals Policy
Principles and procedures relating to decisions to retain or to withdraw materials currently held in our collections.
Statement on Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources
Our licensed electronic resources made available for research, instruction, and related activities of current University of Michigan faculty, staff, students and other authorized users.
Takedown Policy for Addressing Copyright Concerns
How to contact us with question or concerns about rights around the use of specific works.
Takedown Policy for Sensitive Information in U-M Digital Collections
How we approach sensitive or private information in our digital collections.
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Library Privacy Statement
Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. For details and exceptions, see theLibrary Copyright Policy.
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