Use Electronic Items
Search the library catalog to find digital versions of books, films, and other media. 
Our tips for searching the catalog can help you access online materials. 
You can also submit a request if you’d like help with your search. 
In addition to looking for specific items, you can use databases or Library Articles Search to find ebooks, articles, streaming media, and more.
Notify your students
Make sure your students know they can find materials for your course through the library. 
Along with noting it on your syllabus, you can provide access through Canvas.
Be aware of ebook limitations
Ebook editions from big textbook publishers — including Pearson, Cengage, McGraw Hill, Macmillan, and Norton — might not be available to libraries for institutional purchase or licensing. 
Many publishers won’t license multi-user ebook copies to libraries, and some don’t offer any ebook licensing. Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster are among those whose books are difficult to license.
Ebooks also often have limits on the number of users who can read a book at the same time, which impacts our ability to serve the needs of all students, particularly when a class is large. 
In addition, ebooks that include "digital rights management" (DRM) carry limits on printing and downloading, making them impossible to use with third-party services such as Perusall or other annotation tools.
If you have questions about licensing terms for ebooks, contact your subject specialist.
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