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Appointments no longer required for most services
Pickup by Appointment continues to be available
We are here to help
Call/Text a Librarian
General Assistance: (608) 262-3193
Note: This line is not currently being staffed.  To contact us via phone, use the text number below and send us a text.
Send a text to a Librarian: (608) 729-7886
Texts are responded to in real time during our operating hours
Specific Reference Assistance Phone Numbers
American Indian Studies Library(608) 263-0443AMP Library(608) 262-9500
Arboretum Research Library(608) 890-1024Art Library(608) 263-2258
Business Library(608) 262-5935CCBC(608) 263-3720
Chemistry Library(608) 262-4423Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Library(608) 263-4486
College Library(608) 262-3245Data and Information Services Center(608) 262-0750
Ebling Library(608) 262-2020Geology and Geophysics Library(608) 262-8956
Gender & Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office(608) 263-5754 Historical Society-Library (608) 264-6535
Gender and Sexuality Campus Center Library(608) 265-3344iSchool Library(608) 263-2960
Journalism Reading Room(608) 263-3387Law Library(608) 262-3394
Learning Support Services(608) 262-1678Limnology Library(608) 262-4439
Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies(608) 262-7546Memorial Library(608) 262-3193
MERIT Library(608) 263-4751Mills Music Library (Charles H.)(608) 263-1884
Robinson Map Library(608) 262-1471
Schwerdtfeger Library(608) 262-0987Social Work Library(608) 263-3283
Special Collections(608) 262-3243Steenbock Library(608) 262-9635
University Archives and Records Management Services(608) 262-5629Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre Research(608) 264-6466
Wisconsin’s Water Library(608) 262-3069Zoological Museum Research Library(608) 262-3766
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