The Emsaad-Ras Ajdir motorway project tender process for sector 4 is launched – for Italian companies only
By Sami Zaptia.
The Emsaad-Ras Ajdir motorway project tender process for sector 4 is launched – for Italian companies only (Transport Ministry).
London, 10 June 2021:
The Libyan government announced yesterday the launch of the electronic tender process for the implementation of the fourth sector – Misrata to Ras Ajdir – of the Emsaad-Ras Ajdir motorway paid for by Italy.
The government said the announcement of the launch of the tender process is the culmination of the great efforts that have been made in recent times, especially the tangible results of the recent working visit of the Government of National Unity to the Italian Republic and what was agreed upon through the positive meetings that brought together the Prime Minister and the Italian Prime Minister, as well as the meetings of the Minister of Transport and his Italian counterpart.
Here is the tender notice in English with all the necessary links:
The Libyan Authority ERMA (Emssad – Ras Ejdyer Motorway Authority) intends to issue a tender procedure aiming at awarding the construction works for a new motorway infrastructure in Libya, in compliance with the Treaty on Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation between Italy and Libya signed in Benghazi on 30 August 2008.
The construction works refer to the new Ras Ejdyer – Emssad Expressway Project covering a total length of approximately 1,700 km, crossing Libya and connecting the western border with Tunisia to the eastern border with Egypt.
The project is divided into four lots, one of which (Lot no.1) has already been awarded. The remaining lots consist in:
Lot no. 2 – Brega – Al Marj Road Section (including connections to the city of Benghazi), approximately 360 km;
Lot no. 3 – Misurata – Brega Road Section, approximately 520 km;
Lot no. 4 – Ras Ejdyer – Misurata Road Section, approximately 400 km.
The scope of the entire project is the construction of a motorway with three lanes plus an emergency lane for each direction, including structures, junctions, crossings, toll and service stations.
In 2010 ERMA selected PMC Mediterraneum, an Italian Consortium formed by Anas, PEG and Italsocotec, for all the activities of Project Management Consultancy.
The present notice refers to the tender procedures relevant to the works of Lot no. 4 (Ras Ejdyer- Misurata road section) which has been divided into the following 3 different sub lots:
Lot no. 4.1 “Misurata – Al Khums-2”, for a length equal to approximately 104 km;
Lot no. 4.2 “Al Khums-2 – Al Aziziyah”, for a length equal to approximately 134 km;
Lot no. 4.3 “Al Aziziyah – Ras Ejdyer”, for a length equal to approximately 160 km.
The full text of the prequalification tender is available on this Procurement Portal in the “Opportunity and Notices” Area.
Applicants who are not already registered on the “Portale Acquisti di ANAS S.p.A.” can create an account at any moment, following the instructions below:
download and read the document called “Contratto di registrazione”;
complete the registration with your personal information;
upload the “Contratto di registrazione” duly completed and digitally signed in the online questionnaire called “Contratto di Registrazione”
The Contract must be signed by the legal representative or in any case by a person with suitable powers, possibly by a special power of attorney.
After receiving the contract and following its positive verification, the authorization to the Portal will be carried out.
This authorization will be notified by email to the address communicated during registration and only allows the use of the platform.
Registration of a new account on the Portal must be made within 7 (seven) days prior to the deadline for applications submission. After this date, registration cannot be guaranteed.
Only Italian firms, in possession of the requirements foreseen within the full prequalification notice, are admitted to participate.
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