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Answers to questions our research team has received.
Why does the Library refer to Mary Baker Eddy as “Eddy”?
Apr 4, 2022
Learn some of the reasons for the style used in referencing our namesake.
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What was Eddy’s response to the Russo-Japanese War?
Mar 11, 2022
Learn the background on some of her statements about prayer for peace.
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Was there ever a picture of Eddy in Science and Health?
Mar 7, 2022
Here’s background on several images that appeared in the book.
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Did Eddy heal an Australian across the miles?
Feb 7, 2022
Find out what our research has concluded.
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Did Mary Baker Eddy say it? “When I established The Christian Science Monitor…”
Jan 24, 2022
Find out why the authenticity of this statement is in question.
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