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MaxMind GeoIP2 offerings provide IP geolocation and proxy detection for a wide range of applications including content customization, advertising, digital rights management, compliance, fraud detection, and security.
Industry Leadership
More than 5,000 businesses worldwide use GeoIP2 Intelligence, including the majority of the top 50 web properties (as ranked by Alexa - July 2017).
MaxMind is a leading OEM provider of IP intelligence data to companies who use it to create value added services.
Proven Accuracy
GeoIP2 data cover 99.9999% of IP addresses in use.
Our GeoIP2 data is updated weekly.
GeoIP2 Precision Services: 99.98% uptime since 2002.
GeoIP2 Precision Services provide you with our most accurate data without having to worry about hosting data on your servers or deploying updates. Accessed through an API or a manual file upload, our Precision Service offerings provide you with the most up-to-date data available.
MaxMind's GeoIP2 Databases provide IP intelligence data for high volume environments. By hosting our databases locally, you eliminate any network latency and per-query charges.
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