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Anonymous IP Database
Detect proxy, VPN, and other anonymous IP addresses
MaxMind's GeoIP2 Anonymous IP database helps protect your business by identifying proxy, VPN, hosting, and other anonymous IP addresses.
If an IP address is likely anonymous, the database provides the following flags for identification: Hosting Provider/Data Center, VPN, Residential Proxy, Tor Exit Node, and Public Proxy. Anonymizer data is also available through the GeoIP2 Insights web service and minFraud Insights and Factors services.
Geofencing for compliance
Limit VPN and proxy users from circumventing your geographical controls. This can help ensure that only users from approved locations are allowed access to your services.
Geoblocking and content distribution
Confirm that users are not using VPNs or proxies to access your content. You can choose to completely block VPN or proxy users or layer additional solutions before taking action.
Geotargeting and geomarketing applications
Identify whether users are viewing, clicking, or engaging with content while using a VPN or proxy. Advertisers can decide to not serve ads or make payouts for anonymous users, thereby decreasing the cost of the campaign and increasing its efficiency.
VPN, hosting, and proxy detection for security and risk applications
Screen network traffic or user activity for VPN or proxy usage. Organizations looking to secure their networks or platforms can identify anonymous IP addresses for further investigation.
For more information, including terms and pricing, our Enterprise Business team is here to answer your questions.
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Anonymizer types detected by this database:
Anonymizing VPN services
These are IP addresses registered to known services that offer users a tunnel to a VPN server, which serves to hide the true IP address.
Tor Exit Nodes
These are IP addresses where traffic from users of Tor will appear to originate from. The Tor Project is an open network used by those who wish to maintain anonymity.
Hosting Providers/Data Centers
These are IP addresses associated with hosting services that are likely to be to used as anonymizers. This anonymizer type also includes both registered and non-registered anonymizing VPN services.
Public Proxies
These are proxies that are available for free and publicly posted.
Residential Proxies
These are IP addresses on a suspected anonymizing network that are registered under residential ISPs (does not include peer-to-peer proxy IPs).
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