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Custom Licensing For Commercial Use
Leverage MaxMind’s IP intelligence data to enable geolocation functionality for the customers of your company’s products and services. Give your applications and users the ability to identify the country, region, state, city, and ZIP/postal code of IP addresses in real time. Enhance this data by putting ISP data, connection type information, and more at your customer’s fingertips.
Consult our licensing overview to see if you need a commercial license. If your commercial application does not require locally hosted databases, you may use our GeoIP2 Precision Web Services without the need for custom licensing.
Target ads based on geolocation
Make sure that your clients’ ads are displayed to end-users based on their geolocation, connection type, and more. Displaying the most appropriate ads improves engagement and click-through rates, delivering the most value to your clients.
Deliver content and manage digital rights based on geolocation
Utilize IP geolocation to deliver content for your client’s end users efficiently. Layer in the GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database for anonymizer and proxy detection, to help satisfy your clients’ geofencing requirements.
Give your security and risk applications location-awareness
Whether you are screening transactions for fraud or network traffic for anomalies, IP geolocation provides a critical piece of the puzzle. Give your customers the tools to analyze their own data, or use location data in your machine learning scoring solution.
Facilitate matching for your platform business
Multi-sided platforms rely on connecting users who are most likely to engage in a transaction or exchange value. Use geolocation and other IP data to help match your users more efficiently.
Integrate geolocation into your product or service
Whatever your use case or application is, MaxMind’s GeoIP2 databases will give your users high-quality, accurate IP address data.
For more information, including terms and pricing, our Enterprise Business team is here to answer your questions.
Product Features
Available Formats
GeoIP2 Databases Available for Commercial License
GeoIP2 Country Database
GeoIP2 Country Database includes continent, country, and more
GeoIP2 City Database
GeoIP2 City Database includes continent, country, regions, city, postal code, latitude/longitude, accuracy radius, time zone, and more
GeoIP2 ISP Database
GeoIP2 ISP Database includes ISP name, organization name, autonomous system number, autonomous system organization
GeoIP2 Domain Name Database
GeoIP2 Domain Name Database includes second-level domain names
GeoIP2 Connection Type Database
GeoIP2 Connection Type Database includes connection type (corporate, cable/DSL, cellular, and dial up)
GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database
GeoIP2 Anonymous IP Database includes anonymizer type
GeoIP2 Enterprise Database
GeoIP2 Enterprise Database includes all data included in the above databases (except for anonymizer type) as well as legitimate proxy, confidence factors, user type
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