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minFraud Web Services
Transaction Risk API
Fast, Flexible Risk Scoring
IP Address
Detect high risk IP addresses.
IP geolocation and context
VPN and proxy detection
Email Address
Flag suspicious email addresses.
Free and disposable email detection
Reputation data for email addresses
Payment Card
Identify payment card details.
Prepaid, business, and virtual card detection
Issuer, card brand, and card type
...and more. See all data available in minFraud.
minFraud Web Services
minFraud is a data return service that helps businesses prevent online fraud by providing risk scoring and risk data related to online transactions. Learn more about whether the minFraud service is right for your organization.
Case Studies

DemystData’s fraud solutions offer best-in-class IP risk data from the minFraud service to help financial services firms prevent fraud.
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Simplex uses minFraud data to train their algorithm to detect new cryptocurrency fraud patterns in real time.
View case study

Research Defender uses minFraud as part of a homegrown solution to protect the integrity of research done on behalf of its customers.
View case study
Use Cases
E-commerce payments
Account creation & takeover
Surveys & market research
Referral traffic
App installs & incentives
3+ Billion
Transactions screened per year
5+ Million
High-risk transactions identified per year
Businesses in the minFraud network
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