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The VisualEditor project by the Editing team aims to create a reliable rich-text editor for MediaWiki. VisualEditor is available as a MediaWiki extension using the Parsoid project to supply HTML+RDFa; however, its core implementation can be run without any of MediaWiki, Parsoid, or Node.js.
Extending and improving the editing tools used at Wikimedia
Team members:
For help installing and running VisualEditor, see Extension:VisualEditor​.
For changes made on this wiki using VisualEditor, see the filters visualeditor and visualeditor-switched.

Edit #75,000,000 in VisualEditor was made in June 2021.
As of 2020, the visual editor is available to all users here at and on almost all Wikipedias and Wikivoyages. On most other Wikimedia projects and languages, it is available as an opt-in Beta Feature to logged-in users. VisualEditor is only available in some namespaces, including the main namespace (where this page is), but generally not in discussion or template namespaces.
Information about VisualEditor's wikitext mode is at 2017 wikitext editor.
More information about VisualEditor can be found on Wikimedia's blog and the FAQs. Please visit the main, multi-lingual VisualEditor Portal.
Original rationale
The decline in new contributor growth was viewed as the single most serious challenge facing the Wikimedia movement. VisualEditor was built with the goal of removing avoidable technical impediments associated with Wikimedia's editing interface, as a necessary pre-condition for increasing the number of Wikimedia contributors. Subsequent research found no measurable gains over wikitext for new contributors.
Enabling VisualEditor by default for all users or for all logged-in users can be requested by contacting the Editing team's product manager.
Core module
VisualEditor is a standalone program that can be run without MediaWiki, Parsoid, or Node.js that provides a visual editor for editing HTML5 pages. It is written in JavaScript and runs in the browser.
Here are some helpful links:
Developer documentation
You can speak with us in our chat channel, #mediawiki-visualeditor connect.
Related pages
For more information on VisualEditor and its design process, see these directory pages:
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