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Our History
The Minuteman Library Network's vision is realized through the Network’s mission to strengthen member libraries through innovative and economical technologies, efficient resource sharing, collaboration and shared expertise.
In 1982, a group of suburban public library directors met in Lexington, Massachusetts to discuss the possibility of automating their libraries and sharing resources in a centralized database. In December of 1983, the Minuteman Library Network was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c) and Chapter 180 of Massachusetts State Law. MLN core values are the critical component of our success. These core values include: a willingness to participate in the Network via its many committees; acceptance of a diversity of opinions; attitudes of respect and open-mindedness; encouragement of consensus-building; and a willingness to take informed risks.
From the beginning, we embraced a philosophy of a democratically run, member-driven organization as a guiding principle for the organization.
Network decisions and policies are made by member library directors via a nine-member Board of Directors and a 41-member Membership Committee. Each member library reports to a local board of trustees/administration, which make individual library policy decisions including the loaning and requesting of materials and the assessment of fines/fees. The Network hires a staff to manage the computer systems and to implement the decisions made by the Membership Committee. MLN members meet regularly to discuss issues pertaining to Circulation, Reference, Bibliographic Records Maintenance, Technology, Collection Development, Youth Services, and Administration.
Board of Directors
Richard Callaghan
Bedford Free Public Library
Anna Sarneso
Lasell University
Esmé Green
Goodnow Library, Sudbury
Danielle Savin
Acton Memorial Library
Jamie Jurgensen
Wellesley Free Library
Sara Slymon
Public Library of Brookline
Kelly Linehan
Waltham Public Library
Peter Struzziero
Belmont Public Library
Andrea Nicolay
Robbins Library, Arlington
MLN is funded through annual membership fees and receives support for telecom and resource sharing through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC).
Additional funding for telecommunications comes from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) E-rate program. Grant opportunities exist for hardware and software upgrades from the federal Library Services and Technology Act that is administered through the MBLC.
Interested in becoming a member library with Minuteman?
Are you a library director or trustee?  For information on how your library can join the Minuteman Library Network scroll down.
Our Services
Minuteman provides services both directly to its members and, acting as the agent of those libraries, to library patrons. 
For Patrons
For Member Libraries
Library Catalog
Digital Collections
Booklists & Recommendations
Services & Tools
Minuteman libraries share a catalog that offers an easy interface for finding and requesting books, music, movies, and more from our collections.
Collectively, our libraries offer almost six million items for your enjoyment and enrichment. The Minuteman catalog gives you the choice of searching just one library or all libraries in the network at once, and allows you to request items to be delivered to your home library.  
From the catalog, manage your loans from all Minuteman libraries under one account. Renew items, save lists and reading history, pay fines, and manage your requests anytime through the catalog website and mobile app.
By the Numbers
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Get In Touch
If you have questions regarding details of your library account (overdue fines, renewals, returned materials, forgotten password), suggestions for purchase or other suggestions or comments, please contact the staff at a Minuteman library near you.
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Find quick answers to your questions anytime by browsing our Help Center FAQs.
If you have questions about using the Minuteman catalog, app or other services, find answers in the Help Center.
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Why join Minuteman?
Our Central Office staff are professional librarians and technical staff who are ready to serve your library.  We offer access to a complete contemporary and multi-functional Integrated Library System (Innovative Interfaces, Inc.) to provide the most efficient modern library services possible.  Our multilingual cataloging services ensures each member library is provided accurate and high quality records to ensure discoverability of over 6 million items for your patrons.  Our expert team of technicians manage our members Internet connectivity and robust telecommunications network as well as provides and maintains email accounts.  We take care of the details so you can do what you do best.

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