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General FAQ
How do I sign-up for a Minuteman library card?
What is "Minuteman"? Why does my library's website lead me to the Minuteman catalog?
How do I read unlimited New York Times articles through Minuteman Library Network?
What is OverDrive? How do I borrow an item from OverDrive?
What is Hoopla? How do I borrow an item from Hoopla?
How do I renew my library loans?
How many items I can request or borrow at any one time?
My library card is expired. How do I renew my library card?
Why did some of my items auto-renew (or not)?
OverDrive & Libby
What is the difference between the OverDrive and Libby apps?
What is OverDrive? How do I borrow an item from OverDrive?
What is a Partner Library?
How do I borrow an ebook or audiobook from a partner library?
Who do I contact for help with OverDrive or Libby?
How do I see all my digital loans and holds from all partner libraries?
I'm trying to borrow an item from a partner library, but I get an error message when I try to sign in.
Do my checkout settings (loan period, auto-checkout, etc) apply to all loans in Libby and OverDrive?
I changed my email address but I am not receiving emails for my digital holds. How do I update my email address for holds in OverDrive or Libby?
Search the Catalog
Using the Minuteman Catalog
I didn't find the item I was looking for in Minuteman's catalog. What should I do?
Using Advanced Search
What is the difference between Collection and Location?
Using Advanced Search to browse library collections
How do I find all the copies of a particular title?
What does this item's "Status" mean?
How can I see facets like "Location" or "Collection" in alphabetical order? It's hard to find my library in the list.
My Account
How do I log in to my Minuteman library account?
I forgot my password (or my password is not working).
How do I renew an item online with My Account?
Can I my pay my fines online?
My renewal request did not work.
How can I change the preferred pickup location for my holds?
How do I change my password?
What is the "Expiration Date" I see in My Account?
I clicked on "Forgot your password" but it didn't work.
I got the error message "Your password is not complex enough to be secure. Please select another one." What does this mean?
Can I save and view my reading history?
How do I export my saved Lists or my Reading History into a spreadsheet?
Requests & Holds
I do not want my name displayed on my holds at the library. How can I ensure my privacy?
How do I request an item?
How will I be notified when my requested items arrive?
Can I tell where my request is in the waiting list order?
Can I change the pickup location for my hold?
Placing a request didn't work!
Can I suspend ("Freeze") my holds so that they don't arrive when I am on vacation?
Why can't I freeze my request? I received the message "This hold can not be frozen".
Sometimes when I am placing a request, the form asks my to choose a particular item. Why? Can't I just request the first available copy?
Do I need to enter an expiration date when requesting an item?
Why does the Request button fail to appear in some cases?
I tried requesting an item online but received the response saying "no items requestable, request denied", yet I can see that the library network has it and is Available.
I live in one town but I usually use the library in another town and set them as my pick-up location. Can I be treated as a local patron and reserve DVDs and equipment in the library that I usually visit?
My Lists
Can I save titles to a wishlist?
How do I add titles to a List?
What is the difference between "My Book Cart" and "My Lists"?
How do I view the contents of My Lists and what else can I do with My Lists?
How do I export my saved Lists or my Reading History into a spreadsheet?
Email & Text Notices
How do I change the email address associated with my library card account?
What notices are provided by the Minuteman Library Network?
What are Text Message Notices?
How do I renew items with a text message?
Why am I not receiving not receiving email notices?
I signed up for text message notices but I am not receiving them What should I do?
I registered for Text Message Notices with the wrong card number (or have a new card number).
Can I sign-up for text message notices for multiple cards?
I've changed my mobile phone number. What can I do to continue receiving text message notices?
How do I unsubscribe from text messages notices?
I filter my email. What do I need to designate as desired email in my filters in order to make sure I receive my library notifications?
Mobile App
What can I do with the Minuteman Mobile App?
What devices are compatible with the Minuteman mobile app?
Why does the app ask for permission to access some of my device's features? Can I change or decline permission?
Can I choose whether or not to receive notifications from my library?
Who do I contact for additional help with the app?
Using "Scan ISBN" to search the library catalog
My Digital Library Card number does not match my current card number.
My Digital Library Card will not scan at self-checkout.
Why is the App Rated 17+ in the Apple App Store?
Can I store multiple library cards in the app?
Why do I get different search results in the app compared to catalog on the library website?
How do I use Mobile Checkout to checkout with my phone?
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