Getting Started with My Learning Analytics
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My Learning Analytics is a tool that was developed in cooperation with research faculty from the UM School of Information and the School of Education that provides insightful visualizations to students aimed to help improve their studies and increase awareness of important course activities. For instance, students can see the most popular course content for a given week; View which weeks they need to budget more study time for; or see how they are performing in relation to their peers. Faculty can enable the My Learning Analytics tool – or MyLA, as we lovingly referred to it – under the settings link of their Canvas course. Click on the navigation tab and then scroll down until you find the My Learning Analytics tool. Then simply select the enable option and then click the Save button. The My Learning Analytics link will be added to the navigation. If you click on that link, you can choose which of the visualizations you'd like to enable for the students. Simply disable or enable the checkbox next to each visualization. Based on efficacy research of MyLA, 89% of students reported finding MyLA to be beneficial to their course performance. For more information, please contact us at
Getting Started with My Learning Analytics
From John P Johnston October 7th, 2020 
Faculty can quickly add My Learning Analytics to their Canvas site to provide students deeper insights on how they are performing and to aid in budgeting their study time.

This tool includes student-facing visualizations that display the most viewed learning content, assignment planning timeline, and the distribution of grades.

Below is feedback from past students that have used this tool:

“It really helped plan out my studying goals—I knew how much each assignment counted for in my grade, so I could set priorities.” 

“I thought it was useful to gain insight to how I was doing overall in comparison to other students in the class.” 

“This was super helpful when it came to exam times. I could see how my classmates were studying and what resources they were using, and that helped me try to figure out my own gameplan.” 
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