MiVideo Timeline - How to Create and Use
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Hi, it's Mike Stork from ITS and today I’m going to show you two things. One is how to use the timeline presentation in MiVideo and the second is how to create a timeline presentation. Mouse over the player. Notice the icons in the upper right of your screen. Click the arrows or the Toggle View. Notice I’ve changed orientation with the slide. Hover over your screen again and you'll see there's three other icons. Click those to change the orientation again. Next I’m going to show you Chapters. Click the icon to your left to get to the Chapter view. Today I'm going to show you how to turn your video into a timeline presentation, which is a combination of slides and chapters to enhance the user experience. From your media page, under Actions, click the edit button to get to the editor for this video. I created sides in PowerPoint and exported them as images. I watched the video and planned out exactly where I wanted these sides to show up. You see that right here in this text document. I also planned for three chapters in this video starting with the introduction chapter, then mediaspace, and the third when it talks about the integration into the Learning Management System. See I have the times here as well, so I know right where I want these chapters. Now that I have a plan, let's get started. Click the timeline tab in the editor window. The top button lets you create chapter markers. The bottom button creates the slides. And they don't have to be in the same place. Let's start with our chapter markers. Put in a chapter called introduction, at 0:00. click the top icon for a chapter marker. Type in the title introduction and description in the chapter information box. You may add tags as text separated by commas. I'm going to copy and paste tags in the time and tags box. I'll leave the timecode as 0:00 to start at the beginning. Note that it makes a thumbnail for the video but you may upload a different image. Click the Save button now we have our first chapter. If you want to edit your chapter, just click on it and make changes. Always remember to click the Save button. Click the timeline to choose the location of your next chapter. Click Create chapter. You see that's pretty close, but edit the time to be exact in the time and tags box. I'm going to keep the existing thumbnail and type in the title. I wrote a description that I'll paste in from my text document. Tags are important for search. If you do a search in media space it will return timeline search results from the tags, description, and title boxes. Next, I'll put in our last one at 1:20. We're a little off, so I'll edit it to be exact. Add title, description, and tags. Click the Save button. If you want to move the chapter marker, you may click and drag to the new location and always remember to click the Save button. Let's start working on our slides. Slides are created in the exact same way, only click the icon on the bottom this time. Create a new slide at 0:00. upload the image. I'll just add a title because these are used for search and we already added the other information in chapters. I added an introduction slide because your first slide will display when the video starts even if you have it start later than 0:00. I'll work through my list of other slides and add them to the timeline. I just put my last slide in and clicked the Save button. you want to remove a slide, select it and come down here and click Delete slide. It will prompt you to click Delete again. I'm going to keep my slide, so I click Cancel. And the same is true for chapter markers. You may delete chapter. We've now added chapters and slides to our video. For more information go to: services.it.umich.edu/mivideo scroll down to the bottom of page and click the Resources tab. Thank you
MiVideo Timeline - How to Create and Use
From Melinda Kraft September 29th, 2015 
Mike Stork, Media Consultant for ITS, describes how to switch views in the player by mouse-over and how to create a timeline presentation with chapters and slides.
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